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A Suit That Didn't Pay

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John N. Ingersoll, of the Corunna American, has been sued by severa! individuals wIki thought themselves defamed through the columns of his paper, but the result of each suit has been disastrous to the complainant. The last one is thus referred to by the American : The libel suit ooinnienced against the editor of this paper, by James M. Goodell, eighteen months ago, has followed the fate of its predeeessors and ended in a verdict of wii cents damages for the plaintiff. This l:i.-t i'bm' was brought for tbe aggruvatiog offence of teruiiog Goodell a brainless pate and ;in idiotie caodidate, while running for prtsecuting attorney on the Greenback ticket in the fall of 1878. The suit has been pending ia our courts since that time, but was only brought to trial late Thursday afternoon, and on Friday forenoon the jury brought in the above verdict after bëing absent from the court room but a few moim mis. Almon (J. Brown'a case, which was tried at the December term of court, and the suit of Curtis J. Gale, prior to that, for alleged defamation of cnaraoter in the postorBce robbery matter, were ach, like this case, for $10,000, making a sum total of $30,000 damages brought against Mr. Ingereoll in the last five years. For this amount claimed the courts have assessed him eighteen cents, and his prosecutors have each time been alluwed the privilege of paying the entire costs of the suits. The attempts to patch up the characters of these worthies evidently have not been paying investments. The attorneys for Slr. Ingersoll in this last libel suit were Hm Sumner Howard, of Flint, J. W. Turner, of Owosso, and McBride & Frtssier, of this city. For Goodell, G. R. Lyon, of Owosso, and Goodell & Brown, of Corunna.