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About Our Streets. Dear Courier :- I will thank you for sufficient space to make a few suggestions about our streets. I think I can forsM the time, when our annual practioe of adding a few inches of gravel to the road bed will make the grade of the streetó objectionably high. Maoy people are already couiplaining that the present elevation along their premises, is seriously objectionable ; therefore 4he practical (juetion is, a to what can be done to keep a good road bed, without objectionable elevations. During all the time of my residenoe here, I have been nurprised to see the mud and wurn out male rial of the gutters, thrown back on to the road, as has been mostly done in tuis city. This material niakes dust in dry weather and mud when it rains, but, at no time doe? it make a good road, jet it adds it bulk to objectionably elévate the streets. These being facts, will it not be wM to carefully colleot, and cast away all surplus material from the road bed, and cut enough from the gutters to make the desired grade of the street, instcad of building up the canter? During a dry time large qunntities of dust may be put in piles by a road ncraper, and advantageously carted away. Thewoad dust and guttcr accumulations make valuable material for grass land, gardens, etc. The campus ought to have thoumnds of loads. I do not say this in any spirit of fault finding, but merely to suggest a nnicdy for ibe uncomfortable elevation of the road-bed with itM mud and dust, under our present ystem of streel repairs, lloping, if these suggestions do not seem practicable, they will cali out a better reiuedy. 1 ani UcBpecttully, etc., D3BAELHA.LI..