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"POR SALE. I bare a good FLOUKIRG MILL of four run of (tone, that I will sell or exchnRe for property in Waantenaw Countj . 964tf RICE A. BEAL. NOTICE. T T ftToid imnosition, i)iirchasers of Waltliam Watches wlll observe that every genuine watoh, whether gold or silver, bears our trade-mark on both case and movement. Gold cases are stunipcil 'A. W. Co.." and puiirantee certiticates accoinpanying tbem. Silver cases are stamped Watch Co., Walth&m, Mass., Sterling Silver," and are accompanied by guarantee certificates, signed U. E. ltobbins, Treasurer. The name "Waltham1' is plainly engraved upon all movements, irrespective of other distinguishing marks. Tliis caution is rcndered neeessary by reason of the fact that the Waltham cases are fremently teparati from Iheir movements. and put upon worthless movements of other makers, and vice tersa, thus affecting injuriously the performance of the watches and, vitiating their guarantee, which is inten'led to cover only the complete watches whdly made by the Waltham Company. It is necessary, also, because it is so notorious as to be a public scandal, that there is great fraud in the metal quality of both gold and silver cases as now generally sold. We have demonstrated by frequent essay that many gold and silver cuses offered in the market, are debased from 10 to tf O per cent. from the quality they assume to be. Tliis is a fraud upon the purchaser, and accounts for the low prices at which such cased watches have been sold. AM. WATCH CO., Waltham, Mass. The genuine Watches of the American Watch Co., of Waltham (cases as wcll as movements), are offered in great variety and at loweat prices by their agents, M. S. SMITH &. CO., Jewelers, Cors Wcodwrd ad Jiff:tini Atm. Bitroit. Only One Price. Plain Figures. 9771029 LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! Single Mchine-made Harnee Í8.00 Hnnd-mde Hames. 8.M Single Nlckleplatcd Harncn 15.00 to 35.00 Slnule Slrap Hnrne9_ S0.00 to 35.00 LlKht Iunble Ilarnau _ 28.00 to 50.00 All Brii-lle Brushee 75 to 4 00 Whalcbone Wnip -75 to S.OO Oood Blankets Oto 6.00 Lap Robei 2.00 to 7.00 CrrtUllzcd Zinc Trunka 8.00 to 9.00 Airo a larve stock of Uorse FurninhlUK Uooda at Bullom Frico. J. C. BÜRKHARDT, .i. 4 llurnn Kt re.-t. 9;7tf Ann Arbor, Mlcb. It Wlll be Tor yoar Intcrpst to Know Tliat GASPAR RINSEY (Late from a Wbolcwile Ororer'i Honie In Detroit,) bas opened a cm ui non! mi At 10 EaM Hurón NMti lie will alvo keep In etuck FLOL'K, FEKD, TOBACCO AND C1UA1W. All eood" are trenh d new, and, btlnc giurckased al üie lowi Aboleeiile (.'aeb Priem, wlll b sold at ratee conwpondlnifly l'iw. l'aah pld for II kinds or Country Frodncc. WU-WS ASPAK HINSBY.