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The Tongue Instructed

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Guard well thy Ups; none, none can know What evils from the tongue may flow ; James iii. c, ó. nat guilt, what grief may be incurred, Judges xi. 35. By one uncautioul, hasty word. Mark vi. 32. 27. Be "slow to speak," look well within, Prov To check what there may lead to sin ; . , Jame i. 38. And pray unceaslngly for aid, Col. iv. 3. Lest unawarcs, thou be betrayed. _ , Luke zzi. 34. "Condemn no, judgc not"- oot to man James ir. . Ís given his brother's faults to sean; _ . 1 Cor. Iv. t. The Usk is thine, and thine alone- _ Matt. vii. 3. To search out and subdue thine own. , j , John vlii. 7. Indulge no murmurings, oh, restraiu 1 Cor. x. 10. Those lipa o ready to complain ; Lam iii. 1. And, lf they can be numbered, count Ps. ciii. 3. Oí one day's mercies the amount. Lam. Iii. 23. Shuu vain discussions, trifling themes; Deut. vi. , 7. Let words of wisdom, meekneas, love, James til. 13. Thy heart's true renovation prove. Set God before thee ; everr word Gen. xvli. 1. Ihy lips pronounce by him is heard ; Ps. cxxxtx. 4 Oh, couldst thou realiie this thought, Matt xi. 36. Tiat care, what caution would be taupht I Luke xii. . "The time is short,1' this day may be _ - 1 Cor. vii. 30. I he very last assigned to thee; r ph. v. 16. So speak, that shouldst thou neer speak more, Col. iv 6 Thou may'st not this day's words deplore. Rom. xlv. 12.