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Funny Court Scene

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A Carnon City paper reporta th? followins; lively law proceedings : Ycterday ¦flernooa a young mau carne ioto Justioe Cary's court room with the rim of his hat drawn down over his eyes, and remarked. " Do ynu know me ? " "1 thinlt," repliel the court nieekly, "that you are the chap I sentenced for stealing about a year ago." "That'8 just the hair-pin I ara," replied the other, "and here's $20 fur iny tiue." "Hut you served your tenu'in jail," said the judge, "and owe ne fine." "Thut's all right, oíd boy; but I'm about to cnmmit an assault and battery, and Igucss I'll settle now. You're the man I propoae to liok." "Oh, that's it ! " rcjoinod the ourt, pocketin the coin ; "then you can start in, and we'U cali it square." The young man advanced to the court and let out lii ](( Tho juilge ducked bis head, and, raising up, lifled the intruder in the eye with a right-hander and sent him over againxt the wall. ín a inoiuent t'ne court was climbing all over the man, aud in about three minutes bis face was hardly recognizblae. The man begged the court to let up, which he fioally did. As the ft:llow was about to go out, Cary went after him with: "See here, young man; I don't think the fighting you did ought to be assessed at any morethan $2.50- here's $17.50 in change. I ain't charging you anything for fighting, but just for my time. Next time I won't charge you a cent." The rough took the change aad tlie next train for Virginia City.


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