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Burdette As A Kicker

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Burdette said lie had lived for years within hearing distauce ot' barrel f'.icturiü in Peoría, and never yet saw a barrel made until one day he happencd to be up in Wisconsin. He was having a vacatinn iliere, and with somefriends visiteda little cooper shop where a single cooper worked. He found the operation of setting up barrels very interesting, and watohed tlie OOOpei as he plaeed the staves aronnd. " That doesn't look very strong," said Hurdotto, as the staves were plaeed around. " l'll bet you a dollar you can't kick it down in three kicks," said tlie cooper. "I wasn't tobe bluffed," eaid Burdette, "and I took it." Tlien I kicked. Gracious, barrel flew all over the farm, and a part of' it out into Lake Manitowoc, and I don't know but soine of t went out of the state into Minnesota. "There," uid I, " ldid t." "I said in three kicks," replied the cooper, and Burdette gracefully admittcd the " catch." The Oovernor recontly appointed DeWitt U. Gage, of Kast Sacinaw, to be judge of the lOth judicial circuit, to till the vacancy caused by the resiitnation of Judge Tennrant; also Jas. B. Judkins, of Hersey, judge of the 19th circuit, in ¦ of Judge Ilaight, deceased. Some persons are puzzled to mdéntud what the teruis "fburpenny," "nixpeDny," ind " teaponnv " men as applicd to naüs. " Fourpenny " meana four pounds to the thousaud nails, or " sixpenny " til pound.s to the thousaud, and so on. Itis an old Knglish term. and meant at fiit "teopound" nails (the thousand beiac understood),but rhe old Knglish clipped it to " tenpun," and from that it degencrated until r' penny" was substituted for " pounds. ' When a thousand nails weigh Ies9 than one pound they are called tacks, or brad.H, and are reckoned by ounoes.