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Homes In The West

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An item, laudatory íd character, is going the rounds of the papers to the effect that Wliitelaw Kead, the editor of the N. Y. Tribune, has sent out another company of emigrant8 frotn New York City to the far west. Now we rejoice as much as any one can over thesecuring of comfortable homes by people. They are very generally galhered from the slums and gutters, a class who eke out a miserable existence in the city, living - no one knows how, but undoubtedly by theft and crime. ,They are the terror of tlie better portion of the inhabitants. By sending them away the people of New York City must acknowlcdgu that they cannot solve the problem of making them good citizens. It must be an humiliating admission to our eastern fiiends, who have been especially loud in their boasting that free America is not injured by receiving the offscourings and dregs from the Europea nations, but on the e intrary, they are all converted into good, peaojable, law-abidiog eitizens by our laws, aud the country benefitted thereby as well a the emigrant. The east cannot longer claim any share in this grand transformation. The west, the glorious west, with her broad prairies, and undulating plains ; with her rich soil, pure air and plenty of work, is called upon now to do this labor alone. Every boat ihat lands in our harb irs fcom the Kuropean shores brings iu quota of emigrants for this great western country. And the cides of the east acknowicdging their inability to properly edúcate and train their own population, have (M)tntuonced the procesa of emptyiog out i li. ir uncontrollable classes upon the west. The western people are generous, liowever, urgí reueive tho emigrant cordially, but ¦ng they will be able to bear the burden, is & question to be thought of. The election for State officers held in Hhode I"land Wodnesday, resulted in the choiee of the complete Republuan ticket by about 4,000 majority.