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Senator Ben. Hill, of Georgia, got nii'l imply becaue une of the Washington newspapcr men said tliat "Washington ocicty was running down Hill.' Ben lidn't even wait to find out what Ilill was eferred to. l'erhaps a guil'y conscicnce nceds no accusing. The Northern Tribune, of Cueboygan, ias this very pointcd paragraph : "Wc suggost that Bob Ingersoll cease leoturing upon "The Mistakes of Mosee," and get up a lecture on the "mistakes of the Democratie pnrty. " The Democratie party have doublé diicounted Moses." The Detroit Post and Tribune publiahes n its issue of April 7th the choice of the [lepublicans of Michigan, as obtained on election day, in 136 voting precinots. The figures stand: Blaine, 10,921 ; Grant, 2,848; Sherman, 870; Washburne, 362; Gdmunds, 183; and soattering 714. If B a-y-a-r-d spells Buyard, on the rule of contraríes Bu y-a-r-d must spell Bayard. But as the ancestors of the Delaware senator of this namo havo beon Americans tbr many generations back, wouldn't it look full as well, and sound much botter, to give a United States pronunciation to the name? "The Uil Sycamoreof the Wabash," Senator V oorhees, might better have taken tbc advice of his southern brethren and let the exodus business alone. It has proved instead of a Democratie boom a boomerang, and like all previous investigations, burnt a Democrat everj time it 8corched a Republican. A recent decisión of the United States Supreme Court makes national banks responsible for specially depositeil iunds, either on contract of hiring or without reward. The case decided was that of the First National Bank of Carlisle, Pa. vs. Fanny L. Graham, et al. The decisión is of importance to our banks. The Stanton Weekly Clipper, published at Stanton, Montcalm county, Mich., comes to our lable. The copy before us is No. 29 of vol. 1, and shows energy and enterprise in its management. Messrs. Dodge & White are the publishers, and they make of the home side of the Clipper a lively journal, worthy of patronage. The multiplicity of' blunders comuiitted by the Democratie inajority in Coneress is being added to daily in the dilatoriness in passing the appropriation bilis, aud dcspatohing the work beiore th'it boJy. They took up too much time in finding out that the Fitz John Porter case was a red hot poker with which they wcre badly scorching their own hands. The changing of the election laws in Delaware, to conform to the United States lawR, has enfranchised severa! hundred eolored men, enough it is said to wipe out the Democratie majority and put the State in the Repubiican column. Poor Bayard ! His hreeches poekets will have to be made smaller for he can no loner carry his state in tlit'in. He can't oven go into the ('m cinnati ruob with a suiety of the electoral vote of his own State. It niatters little, however, his chances are trifling. Senator Edinunds, of Vertuont bas presented to the seríate a memorial sined by a large number of resident of Washington, both male and fenjale, asking for the enaotuicnt of a law for the punishment by ca.-tration of the crime of npe. Whilu this memorial refersonly to the conimission of this horrible crime in the District of Columbia, we heartily express a üope that before many months sueh a penalty will be upon the statute books of every State. We maintain that no other punishment is adequate to rid the country of a class capable of so devilish an act. That little Maine episode, or that deeply laid scheme of villainy. in fitter words, is slowly but surely bcing unfolded to the gaze of the people. Ex-Gov. Garcelon claims to be the euibodiojunt of iunocence, and as ignorant of the doings ef his wicked council as a new born babe is of clothes. He has returned to the State treasury $925 drawn byhimself without the authority of law, however, but fails to make restitution of the $1,100 which he unlawfully expended. Now if he will turn States' evidence and make a clean bre'ast of the matter he will undoubtedly case a troubled conseïence. The Chicago ínter Ocean of April 5th, states that Jay Gould, the owner of the New York Tribune, is using all of his power and influenco to effect the noiniuation of Senator Blaine as President at the coming Chicago convention. And furthcr states that Mr. Blaioe has koowledge of the fact that Gould has been using his patronage in every western state to aid him (Blaine). We don't believe Gould has worked his carda in Michigan, but that Blaine stands on his own merits, and according to all expression of llepublican sentiment, stands well, too. Tilden has called his New York convention to meet at Syracuse, and Kelly, not to be outdone, has called his convention at the same time and place. There two Killkenny cats must put themselves and their personal antipathies forward, no matter about their party. It uiatters little what the rank and file think, or how respectable it may be, in New York it must be represented by these two men ; the onc a shrewd, tricky, corrupt man, the other an Iri.-h bull-dog, as lacking in decency as he is in morality and manhood. We do not envy the Demócrata either of these "old men of the woods. " Congressman Springer, of Illincin, Í0cused by one of his southern Democratie brethren of experiencing a "change of heart," in the Washburu-Donnelly case becauae of the following note he nteifod ! WA8HISUTON, D. C, March 7. Hon. Wm. M.Sprluger: Dear Slr. -I earneslly advlae that yon do all In yonr power to preveut tlio House froni unBeallnir Washburn, oí MinuemjtR. nnd puUinx Donuelly in hls place. If you succeed In tlii.s I am aulhorized to ay tliat a present nf PJ.000 will be mude to your wile.fcVery raspectíuily, A Rkpubmcan. The southern momber wlio unearthed this letter is one Manning, but he has evidently not injured Mr. Springer's oharacter or furthered the cause of that eminent rascal, Donnelly, who would be none too good to resort to the trick himself to kill Springer, for not voting to seat him. Springer says the letter referred to was received in hi absence nnd oponed by his wife, who showed it to Donnully's counsel, Hon. G. W. Julián, and others, but like all anonymous letters it was iguorud aod forgotten until brought up by Manning. Springer's character is such that but few of the Republicans even, believe him capable of acoeptiog a bribe, Manning is terribly i earnest and say that the thing must bc nvestigattd. It was a sorry day for Ijord B'-aconsfield when he gaye the order to have the Englih Parlíaoient proroítued, and went before the people in the hope of a ratiLcution of his policy, and a new lease of power from the election of a large Conservativo majority in Parliament. The shrewd, astute politician thought the deed a master stroke )!' p licy, becausc everything tended to slniw that tbc people wcre strong supportors of' the Karl and his aggressive Indian and forcign policy. But he mi.stook the pulse of the nat Euglish nation and the resul lias been aa inuch a surpriso to the world as it must have boen to himsell and his party. At tbis wriünjj eleotions have only been held in Etigland. yet the Liberáis have gained about 80 seats while Ireland and Scotland wil! undoubtodly addgraatlythereto. If Gladstone will take the Prituiership he will without doubt be callcd upon to form a cabinet, as he is probably the mout popular man to-day in that nation. But at any rate, Disraeli and his oneman power, have vanished, never moretoriseon English soit.