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V ANHIESON- On April M, In Ibe towa uf York, LiUBA Hoys, ife of ft M. Vanttieson. FOHEY- In the town of Salem, od April Int, 1880, of inñammatlon of thelnnps, Mahoíbit C Fohkt, daughter of John C. Fohey, aged 2 ycars, 7 mouths aad !¦¦ days. SMITII- In the town of PlttWeld, on 8atnrday, Anrtl 3di Thom ömith, agrd 83 yuars, 6 montlis and 11 da}. Th deceased was boni In Knulaod, camc ti Aon Arbnr iu 1831, and rcsldcd On hls uña. In Pittafleid, for the paal 40 yearx. WONDBRLY- In the Int ward of thfs city. on Saiurday, April 8d. of heart dlseaso. Mrs, Kkbkcca Wonderly, eed 81 year,2 months and 18 dan. Bhe wa borulu Virginia, on Janimry ISth, liTu.and nntil within a yenr past ha resided in Coldwaipr. Hho was the widovv of the late Wm. Wonderly, ui öenca Co. , Ohlo. KALMHACH- Of conoumptlon, on the lst of Aprl, 1880, Aiutiu KiLMB'.cu, iu thcï7th year ol herat'e. 8he wa born In Oennany aud emiijrateeU to thls country, witn her parents, when about 12 year ol aee Shu wan blind from her fourteenth ycar, waa educatod at Fllnt, where she was tauirht, beuide the cuamion branchee of study, tnueic und man; kiiidn of fancy and ornamental work. She did much towards hor own malntenance, and secmed to deliuM in her indepiudencc, by the knowlede guatm at the inutitntion, havlng written a brief bui vety intert'Dting hlftory of her own llfc, which was publiohed and n)ld by hergelf and at;ent. She was a membt r of the Luthoran C'hurch, which he attonded ax Ion)? ag lier heullh would permit. The four Uosin-I-, n ralsed letters, ven preiented to her hy Bishop GIHWpie, whlch iiffordcd her rauch comfort. In the lonely honrs. She coold read them quite mpldly with her fiogern. Sho was a devout chrlatian, and afiorded an rxample of fortltnde and rcpiiniatlon to all whn knew her by her pure and blamdesa Itfe, and hor patience under suOering. She ai loved and respected by all, and the lioatitiful dream she had of her release from a world oí dorrow, a few weekB previouB to her deatb, was fnlly reallzed ut the doemt; scène, for she uttered a cry of joy as the gates were openod to receWe her. She had rot spoken aloud or made a loud noiBe for more than six months previous to her death. Bhe left a niotber, sister and two brothers to whom ehe was tenderly attached, bnt none can reeret the chango thnt has led her from darknees (o llght. " Carrie," her brothcr's wife, was her kind narse and attendaut, and was the last name opon her lips. Poor Aggie, can we cali her, Who was so richly biest With treusures she had stored in heaven, Whcn she has gone to rest? Nay, we who loved her best rejoice, Thai ril led with peace and love, The poor, blind eyes are blind no more Iu the irlorious world above.