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Rev. A. F. Bournee, of Flint, was in the city last Thursday. N. R. Waterman and faniily left the city lai-t Wodnesday lor their new home in Bay City. y Lawrence Barrett is to appear in "Ilichelieu," at the opera hoii9e, some time neit month. -"ft-- Prof. Lodeman, of Ypsilanti, has written a new book, but it needs a Gercuan acholar to read it. D. M. Caldwell has removed with his family to Beaver Lake, Ogemaw County, Michigan. E. D. Barry, principal of the Allegan schools, has beun visiting friendsin theoity the past week. C. J. Kintner, lörinerly of thisoity, is said tobe one of the " bonn " parlor " skateists " of Washington. Hon. John J. Robison, of Sharon, was in the city last Wednesday, looking as jovial, líale and hcarty as of yore. Pi of. VV. J. Cocker, superintendent o the Adrián schools, has been pending suv eral days with his parents and friends in this city. We congratúlate Capt. E. - no,- we con gratúlate Ypsilanti, upon tüe electioo o so excellent a man for mayor as Capt E P. Allen. iYZ Joe T Jacobs, our whilom soathern cor respondent, oallod upon ua to day after his two montlis' sojourn in the flonery laud He (aya although he is no taller, and ha not (aiotd much flesh, yet he l'eels as well as - well, as any man in Ami'rica.