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A fine photograph of the late Mr. Bullock has Ven hanging in the niain hall this week. A check for $250 for the gymnasium has been received truui Mr. Uegeler, of' La Salle, 111. Last week Prof'. Adatus gave a lectura, io the regulur course, on the present state of Enlish politics. The freshuien will set up supper to themsclves this year, and have appointed the cominittecs for arrangements. The Unirersity hall was thrown open to the reform club hut week fora lecture from Rev. von Scliluembach. The attendancc was quite Itinited. The spring vacation is past and the students have returned and settled down to solid study until the long suniinor vacation which commences in June. President Angelí, on Saturday, returned from Wawhington, whither he went after the last meeting of the regênts. While before his appointment, Mrs. Angelí gave a reception. Instructor Thomas, during the yacation, formed a new partnership. The name of tbe firm is Calvin Thomas and wife. The lady's former name was Miss Jennie Sutton, and she resided at Lapeer. Tuesday evening Mr. J. M. Schaeberle, assistant at the observatory, disoovered a cornet in 7:20 right ascensión, and 84 25' noi tli declination, with a daily uiotion of minus 3' in right ascensión 48' south. The fencing club which now has nearly forty members, has secured McMahon's hall for an armory. They have received their foils and ma.-ks, and meet twice a weck for drill. Last Saturday Mr. D. S. Parker was elected president in place of Mr. Mitchell, resigned. The scientific association listened to the reading of severul papers at their meeting last week, and elected the following officers for the ensuing year : Prof. Winchell, pre.-ident; Prof'. Harrington, vicc-president; Mr. W. K. Higley, secretary ; Mrs. Johnsoo, treasurer ; Prof'. Steere, censor. A part of the classes in mathematica looked very bappy laat week, and whcn asked why it wai thusly, they alwaya anBwered : " Toughey's gonc off." But now they smile no longer, and when one asks why the change, the answer 'm : "Toughey'a come back." Ilinc Mie lacrimae. The meeting of the board of regents next Tuesday is to decide two things, viz Whether they will oonfirm or annul the action of the board at the last October meeting in regard to counsel in the Uni versity vs. Douglas case, now pending in the Supreme Court. And second, to con sult together in reference to the enlarging of tbc kboratory building.