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In spoaking of the choice mude for Omcers in tliis city last Monday, we can Imt look at t nthe lightof.i Republican victory. To be sure, for looal causes, tho candidates for Mayor and Recorder wore dcfeat'd, but when we come to the oflicers which are of the grcalct importance to the arty, our supervisors, wc find them eiected y an aggregatc major i ty of 506 ! Th is howa what the Republicana of this city, when not divided upon local issues, can lo. The importance of choosing Repubican supervisors is obvious to all, and we nocd suoh stalwart men as Krapf, (ïregory and Ilhodes upon the board. Thon the Republicana elect four of tbo ix aldermen, with a tnajority of only one against the Republican nomiuee in the democratie 4th ward, while the coDstables elect n all but one ward are Republicans. The election Monday would indícate that upon any fair and square test between .he Republicans and Democrat?, with all ocal issues throwu asido, Aun Arbor city ia a good Republican majorfty. The following is the official vote for city ind ward officers alected last Monday, April 5th: ï -a 1 flj CITYOFFICKRS L g L 5 3 í I t H ¦ AXUK. Brown 10 31 1 88 130 ¦ 111 BI) Kapp 185 ÏI9 17 1 58 30 782 Ueubei 19 11 2 '¦i aicuaou. Webster 107 3J f 118 111 (OT7 Donglas...-. 158 214 188 ir 52 U TM Lirennan „_.. 4 8 CH 4 7 74 JU8TICK O PIACf McReynolds 174 31 2 131 87 108 613 Winegar 150 2S0 197 187 64 31 789 !U:PIYI8CK. Krapf 214 173 387 l'ramer 109 71! 1S2 (reirory 138 1B8 308 Uirduor 1 103 226 HUI 15 lu 35 Rbodcs 77 117 194 Urtman BI 28 74 WARD OFFICERS. 1b'. Alderman, John W. Thompson 7 " Cha. H. Manly _ 160 Constable, Cha. Boylan VA- 1 " M. J. O'Brien 1M 2d. Alderman, Herman Hutzel (nu op.) 245 Constable, Paul Schall 183-44 " Ju. H. Hogers U :!d. Ahleriunn, Nelsun Suiherland 83 " Hlrain Kliredue 144- Gl " Warren B. Walker 58 Constable, Jnnprr Irous Itt " Thomas Clarkon 1B- 44 4th. Alderraan, Chas. M. Jones l.iu Mlchael PlemiiiB 131- 1 Michacl .1. Kil.y 17 Constable, Dudley J. Ixwmls 1TÍ - 87 " Tbos. W. Boyd 02 " T. Hansey 7 5th. Alderman, Chs. A. Mtthewaon 88-2 " Brastns P. Manua.. 57 Constable, Bh 8. Manly „ 77-12 Chas. Place Sft 6ih. Aldermnn, ('han. MrOmbor (no op.) 130 Constable, E. li. Uidley (no op.) i:l In giving the candidatos the first men tioned, in eaoh instanue, aro llupubliüuua, the second Detuocrats, and tho tliird Greenbackers. CONSTITUTIONAL ASIENDMENT. The constitutional amendoient opon tho Governor'ssalary, "yes," 161 ; "no," 117; majority f'or, 44. FIRE DEPARTMENT. Pay remen, "yes," _. _ 711-898 Py flremen. "no." 13 Kor steam Ure englne, ye," _.._ 179- 53 For steam flre etiiilne, "uo,'1 lifi Far purchasini; hose, " yes," 251-202 For pnrchaslnit hoss, " no." - 49 For enginu houpe iu Hth ward, "yes," lT.'i - !tö For eoüiac liousu in Htb ward, " uu," 78 TUE NEW CODNCIL. The new council for the city of Ann Arbor will be couiposed of eight Ilepublians, five Deiuoorats - inoluding Mayur and lecorder - and one Greenbacker, the coming year, as follows : Ut Ward, Jobn Ferdoñ, R.; John W. Thompnon, R. 2d Ward, A. D. lieulmer, ü.; 11 mi-u, 11 ,ts.,-,, u 3d Ward, Dimiel Roes, il.; Iliram Kitredee, D. 4lh Wari.Thos. J. Kech R.; MichHel Flemtnc, Tl. Sth Ward, L. B. Kellugg, R.; Chas. Mathewson, K. Bth Ward, A. F. Martin, R.; Chas. McOmber, R. BOARD OP 8UPEBVI8ORS. The following are the names ui' the upervisore elected last Monday, from the ifferent townships and wards of tliis oounty. Tbeir politics are designated by n R for RepublicaD, D for Democrat and x for Greenbacker. Those marked with a were members of tha last board : Lugnsta Wm. E. Dansingburgh, R Ann Arbor Town 1. N. S. Poster, K Ann Arbor City, Int district C. Krapl, R 3d district A. A. Gretfory, R 3d district Geo. H. Khode, R Brldgewater „ W. W. Kreo, D )exter James l.ynmn, 1) Veedorn John Feldkamp, D .lm _ Walter Dancer, D Ljrndon „ Ben. C. Uoyca, D. xhIi Mlchael Schaiberlt, 1) Manchester 'Horatlo Bnrch. O Northfleld Pau-lek 8. Pnrtell, D Plttslleld „ M. ï. Vire, K 8a!em -.. i hos. D. Laue K clo _ John I.. Smiih, K Superior _ Freoman P. (f:iliin, R 8llne K. W. Wallace, D Srlran _„._ _..„.„_..'Wm. K. Depiw, K ihmron _ 'David (i. Ko-i , l Webtter _ _ Lorenzo Olsaver, K York _ J. W. Blakslee, K fpsllantl Town Albert R. Graven, Iï Ypnilantl City, lt district 'Lee Yoet, R 2d district _....M. L. Suuttó, U It will be gratifying to the Republicana to bave the politica! complexion of the 'county legislature" cbanued in their favor. Last year it stood 11 Republicans, 1 Democrats and 3 Greeobacka, two of the latter being former Democrats and one iepublican, for all politie-! pui poses giving the Democrats a majority. This year the Republicana have gaioed two townships, Scio and Webster, ftiving them 13, while the democrats have 10, and the Qreenbacks 2- the latter evenly dividod ai to old par ties, one Ropublioan, one Democrat. The ard will, in reality, stand 14 to 1 1 politically. -_____