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HOP BITTERS V MMM not a Drink. (ViXTAlNS HOPS, 1IUCUU, MANDUAKi:, DANDEMON. AMD tiik IVrkst ni Bi t Mri'iCM QiUTin or au oTiiiui Bitters. THEY CUHE All .Kwam of the StomarK, Btnrel, Dtood Kidncys, and Urlnary Oreans, Nerrotrw lesaoeManil especlally Fenmlu Catnpl W SI 000 IN GOLD. ¦WlU bo piü'l f or a com they wíTl not euro or help, or Ifor tnything impur or inJurioUflfouur] in thrm. A--ik ycmr 1 f. r Hop l'.ii tfi i and try theni beforO you sloep. no other. Hop Cauan Oouiithe Mfcottv, iwvOwt and bert. Ak Chili ln ii. The Hor I'xd for Stomme hf livor vul Eldnoy ia "prlorto&llotlicrs. Cui-eslijaïworf-tiuu. Attk drufeTriat. D. I.c. ianabiioluto and irmUtlble cure for drunkennciMS um of opium, tobáceo and narcotica: ¦IHHH Scnd for circular. OHBE I Above iold by .Ingx'-H. Hop Ritt. - .r.N.Y. TOFKUlTGROWERSamlHj.KOESKIl.S. Twenty acres for sale on reufonablc tormn, by II. RÜOKRS- two miles w-t of Ann Arbnr, on the DcxtM roait. Uuod bnllrtlng. Koiiri. uïm aml HuiHli lruitö of the Imïhi wmrtatlM Tba tialuuce is the bet qunlity of land for nrdnhig. Aho UoU(e Hnd ftmr loln in th1 flfth wnrd, Ann Arbor city, for Mlu clisat). Bnquiri' uf 11. U(li.liH, og the pnmlM, or ol J. (), A. SKS81ON. Or N. B. ÜVEKT. Ann Arbor, Feb. 5, 1S). 7S-&S To llirrllrr. Tbs Ank Akbob ('oukikb litu doublé the olroulatlon of imy otlirr pui'r pulllNltxl In he ooanty.