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CatarrH A PHY8ICIAN8 TE8TIM0NY. SO Years a Physician. 12 Years a Sufferer. Tried Regular Remedies. Tried Patent Medicines. Permsnently oured by SANFORD'S RADICAL CURE. MESSRS. WKFKS A POTTEIÏ. - Slrs : I have practlsed mrdtcirio furthlrty rv ars. and ha?e been a sufferer myjulf f r tw.-lve yca'r with ratarrh lu the cual pvt-w H.f nccrt Mi'l laryi x I have used everytblnic in Iha mnífTíu inawt'r? wichmit anT permamut reltei.mitil i!n iïl I wiwindtirM to iry ptontmtM1cln (Soiucttilntc ttiftt wo h lopathlr aro v ry luth to do). I trlrd and dl vera ( tli ra nnUl I ot nnld of yoors. I followed th dir.'ciion to the letterland am upnr iO tav Ii ave had i permanent cure. Vuur RAII( Al, CUKK U certalnly a hnppy comblnation for the cure of thet most unpl jaaaut and üttntreroua of dlre. Yourn, rip"ctfutly, l). W. ORAT, M.D., Of Dr. D. W. Orar Son.. Phyilcta and DruxtflMta, Muacattne, lovra. MuaOATijfK, Iowa, March 71, 18TT. The valae of thi reinedy tuut not be ovorlookod In the cure of ttioe SYMPATHETIC DISEASES, AJTuctton of thi Fyo, Eur, Throat, Lunt and Bron' clilul Tubci whtch In many ckh acomipany i leven eau of titaxrli. '] lic lnüam-d and illacuvcd cuiidltlon of t!ir macona pu'mbrAue N the c5imh_ of all the6 ¦ - ! untll iho pyati'in h-j bM-n brouKht r tüo inflienO of th BVDKAL GURK, t freudum frota tluiu cauuot bu reuaonablr expccTéd. It In bnt three reara ttnep SAVFOIiD'S RADICAL CURK wii placea before the public, but In tliat hort Mat U hun f.mud lts way from ilulne to California, and U virihero acknowledgcd by f rugtrlsti and ptiyslclsiiB to be the most cuccrNiful prcpamtlon for tho thoruiiKti treatnim cf Catarrh ever cunijMïunded. The ;l 1 o !'¦ nn ¦! of niurn importante when li is c iup' d with th s si itrnifiit tbnt wltbta dvc ycnr otw V50 dlITcrcut rcr.iedlc for Cat-irrh havo been placed on sa'.1, and to-dny, wtth. ono or two uxccptlon, th ir ii:imui nnnut bj rociilled by llie bcnt-liMorm'-d droHirlstf A '.vtíri!siii(r inay ucce-d in fo-rlnu' a t wrniU-., bat, unlf'BS tho remody noasean andmbtel pecltlc ni"'Hril proporties, lt a abeolutcly certalu to fall Into merltcd obacurlt) . nckivre. f SWFORD'S RADICAL CCRK ODtalus Lr. öaufor.j luipruv d Iuhaliuir Tub wtth full directlons for lis urn in all casvs. iMcefl.OO. Boldby all wholeale and rctall drugyliiu and dealom thrnu(f - ODttta rnltrd htati- ard Casada. WKKK9 & I'oTTlili, (iuüeral Agent and Wholeaale Drufg UU, Boston, Mas, VOLTAIC PLASTER 13 SIMPLY WONDERFUU Kingston, Minn.. } April , 1877. í I COnsldtT CuLLINS' VOLTAIO Plastep. tho byst piaster 1 ever tv, and am rccoraiLcndlntf thtui to all. C. MrMOBHOw. IIi-sw. III.. JL W aJ April 18, Í8T7. ] It hasdone my boy more good tlüiii all other medicine. Ho now kocb to school, for the fint time ín thri-e years. Kuzi Jisi DxrrrixLD. EVHA, I IL., ApriU. 1S77.J I Uke the ono I got Weit THct are the bent piasters, no doobt, In the workl. 8. L. MuGill. Ah Gbovk, Mo., i March 22, 1877. ï Accfpt my tbanks for the Kood d:rlved from the two Collink' Platks sent me some tliuv ago. W. C. Moors. COLLINS' VOLTAIC PLASTER for local paJni, lamon, soroneM, weakneas, numbncsi, and iiifltiimiKttlua of Uie luugi, Itver, ktdneys, plcün, bowclB, Harder, l-i art, nnd moscles. Is cqual to an army of doctora aud acres uf planta and aliruos. Prloe, ff oenta. Sold by all Wholesale and Retall Dniggnts tnrouirhout the ("üited State and Canada, and by WKKKtT POTTER. lToprlotora, Boston, Mass. T OGÖ WANTED. 1 will pay, at the Acn Arbor 8t&m saw mili, for White or Swamp Oak Loen, from $ 8 to $10 per M Red Oak Butt Loes soniul.. T per M White Ash _ 10 14 per M Whitewood 10 14 per M Baxiwood „.. 8 10 per M Illckory „._„ 12 per M Hard Maple .'. IS pet M Walnot 35 40 per M Bulternut 10 15 per M Red Elm 10 per M Will huy logs wltblu ionr miles of mj mlll. if deeired, and druw ihem. Persons havlng los to sell re requetted to cali and see raf aé somt a pofwlble. Nov. 4, 1S79. J.T. HALLOCK. 5S)tr Unacrupulous parties ars falsely representlnr lo couaumera tnat they are elling hlrts of our manufacture. M.ln tli„ly to Ordrr by na bear stamp Uil Ink on Vokf, llius: S lCINC[NNATI, J " ¦ftfe-fflï's-ïsris'isK wlUi All Othersare Faluly Repreaented. WILSON BROS. Importlng and Jobbing Men's Furnlsher. 980-993 I PERMANENTLY CURES NKIDNEY DESEASES, B LIVER COMPLAINTS, BConstipation and Piles. I Uil. IC. II. CI.ARK, Sootk II. ro. Vu, j, I I "liern of külNEV TUOflil.: H UhaaL P oti-J likc a hui-m. lt hMtcurcd mui'7 tot R ¦ ImilcaxnorriI.KS sxl kM ver fallod to 9 j act oflUcntly." I mM5 F.VIRCÜIU, of Ht. Mb.n, VU, ¦ H aaN "lt tl ofrrlerlejw Talue. Ador txtrrn [-J ycum o ffrcat iiirrlTir from IIIcji and jp ¦ tlTonit I lt complctcly rurrj me. I O. .'. UOOAIION, oflii,-, aa}, ",, L m pai'kat: woniierA fop me la ï H plot Jj ( i.rlna u Kevcrc LjTr and Jkid&ef R H Conplaljit.' P IT HAG WHVi) ¦worsci'LiFüL ff n. ; POWER. BÉMM j BEC.U'Sn IT ACTS ON THE Ht,ivi:::,t:ih bowtix and kiuImvs AT lOBUIia TI.IIE. J Becnuoo lt eleanses the syetsm of H thepoloonous humors that dcvelope ¦ In Kldncy und Urlnary -looaBcs, Bil loucno&a, Jnundtco, Const!patlon, Ipiles, orín Rl-.eumatlam, Neuralgia LJ and Femnle disorders. I KIIIM.Ï.WUKT lnüilrï vrptiUroa. ¦ pound und rau be ent bj mail pnpald. J Onf parkaKi "111 mak lx ts of medlelnr. I TRY IT TVOX7V l S llu) lt at Drucstota, Prloe, 1.IIO. wiu-3, si:ass:CK k CO., Fnprliten, aj 3 Burilfn, Vt. k 954-1005- ch e w VALUAULE FARM FOR SALE. A 170 acre farm for ale, itnated one and one-half miles eaüt of Ann Arbor, well watered, good orcbard and (food buildings. Kor further parttcnlan, applj on the premlse of KK'IIARD GLASIER. Ann Arbor, Febmary ÜSth, 1880. D7K-H7V „ 9 sfe ¦¦ ¦ ¦ am Why io you safler lift UI Ailfwilh the pain In y„ur Ulli mfSTOrié hut try ai unce __ _ __ _ Hunt'H Kemedr. B ¦ n l# ¦ 7 7 Al' ilwxwui Hif kfd ¦K fB [ 1 lie?, bladder, liver and D M U l i iüïf k?" w brtjfbt1! diseane ol the kidneyfl, and incoDtinencc lid retenriun of arfne, are cun-d bv Hunt'H Keiuly. ir ia prepurtd KX1'ILK.-SIA lur theeu dis.-es. Cameron Connty, Central Pcnnnylvanta, ) Dhiptwodii, Nov. 1H, 1H79. ( Dear Sir - I mutt Kay HUNT'S RKMKDY has ralsed th dcad. It ralned me from the dead for -un-, a tlw doctore had L'iv"ii me up to die in S1X HOl'RS, and o had all the people. My frtend calh'd In the priest lo prepare me for death, and he alio aid I was duomed. They all had me dead, bnt IIuiii'h Kumudy saved me, and 1 aui alive t-day, sound and cured of dropsy. R. W. TRUDK. Krom Rev. K. G. 1 aylor, T). D., Pastor First Baptist Chörch, Providfiice, I). I., Jan. 8, 1879I can tcBilfy tn the vlrtne of HUNT'S RKMBDY In kidmydlBease from actual trial, hayín been greatly hencfllted bjr lis use. E. U. TAYLOR. KI 1 hm been iipuI l)y ramM I I III I ly hysician for HU I J 11 d years. It bas never " been known lo fifi. It le a safe, sure and . __ _ _ _ _ _ "iici'dy rnre. IC ! nriirn i# ""'? Kiaw.-. ah mt ¦¦ U kil f who ase n enjuy Rixxl ncificu i srvsrs: (I.AHKK l'Kc.v.DKNiE. K. I. Hold by all lrue!LlH(, and by Farrand, Williams Co., Detroit. A LL. KINDS OF BLANKS MtDITOT O BOET HOTIOI AT THE COUBIEB JOB BOOMS.