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NOTICE. To ivoid impoüitiun, purchnsersof Walt ham Wiitciics win th it evei genuino watcn, wlicthcr gold or stlvel bears our trade-mark on botli eén ;im ' tkovemetü. ;ld caaes are stanjped "A. W, Co„,"aiM guaran tee Certlflcates acco'mp'aflni tliem Silver ca-es are stainpcd "Am. Yutrli Oo. Walthain. Mtm SU Hing Siiter," and art. accoiiipaiiicd iy guammtm aernñcxteñ sijfned H. K. liolibins. rl'rc:iMiit-i-. '1'Ik name "V;ilth;un" is plainlv euffraycd upoi all movfrneiits, Irpespecttve oí öther dis tinuiühing tnarks. This c;iutin is roiuk'ied nuocssaiy bj reason of the tact thal iln; Waltham case are ftreipjently tejkvrated trom their moté menta, unü put apon wortlilcss mnveniciits of other makers, aud vice versa, tliu affect ing injuriouslv tne Derformajice of the watchesand.ptïwi1? tui'r piarantir, whlcl is intended to cover ouly the complete watches ulwlly mude by the Waltliatu üoaipany. It is ecessary , :üso, because il la si notorious as to be a public frauda], th there is gieat fraud in the metal qmility ot both gold and silver BMM M m geoerallj sold. We huve deniimxtrcttrd bg flrttrueu esëaysthat many gold and ilccr case offerte in the market, are debased f rom IO to !iO per cent. f rom the, quality ti to be. filis is a lraud uK)a ilie pnreliascr. and accounts for the low prices at wbkh sucli cased watches hiA'e been sold. AM. WATCH CO., Waltliam, Mav. The genuine Watrhes of the Watch Co., of Waltham m w,U as movenu'iitH). are ottered in great vari-ly and at lowest prices by thoir agente, M. S. SMITH &. CO., Jewelers, Cornet Wcodwiri sd Joff:rsen Atss. Detroit. Only One Price. Plain Figures. 977-1029 ANTÓN EISELE, DKALER IN mimi mm vmm K is I 'm " 1 T-# SÍ .iflpt Sfí' . The public I invitt'd to rail and examine specimen b i tbi culetiruied KNOXVILLE,TENN.,MARBLE Of wblcta we have !upp!y of nffW HeSiffhs. Ii (- uiii rlor tu ny miirhl in hnlTiu d duraiii Ity.and ! tate the place of Bc. tcb Gr.inite. I'KKUS LOWFKTIIAX KVi:it. WOI1K AIX WIKHIHTID. Shop- tor. of Detroit and ('atherliie Sts. ANN AKHOIt, MICHIGAN t)l.Vf It will be for jour Interest to Kiioh 'llmt CASPAR RINSEY (Late from a Whclcealo QroCer1! ROtfft in Detroit.) han opeue'l a mm m wsm m Al o. 16 Eat Iluron Slr'-. He will U0 keep fa itOCÏ FLOUK, KEK1,TOA (0 AM) ( Ui AKS. All good are fresü and n, aud, h, Ing mircluued at the lowe! W hftleü ! Pa-h Prl .- wiïïk soll at nit.v irrapniidinsl low. h.Ii puld lor all klutl of Country Product. MWS ASPAR RINXBY. Kook and Job I'riutlug. AU kind of prlntlnx and Job work will be done al Trnc Covkibk o01e In botter ntyl and ut oheaper ratea tbau at any other office '