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Eloqueneo in a man is as diffioull lo defioe as fasoinution ia womau. It is :ui Indescribible soniething whieli c&rries u away captive, wc kiiow not wliy or how. And it in almost infinite in variety. Hurkt was, and is, considered uno ot' the greatast, if not the greutest, ot'Knglish irators; yel the Hourc of OCrtnmOm m-vc-r aHjournec aftcr a speech oí' hia to enublt: meuibers to reain thoir menta) balance. The llous of Commnns did do that i'ur Shuridan. None will di'iiy to Webster first-ciwi ora torical abiRty, jet hc could aevef sweoj) an auilience witli hitn aa did (jlay. Kurke and Webster will livo foteyér in print Slicridau and Clay iu tliat (oud traditioi which is quite imperialible, il' tot a ni f'actory. Sargeant 8. J'rentivs was nrübablj more chxjueut tlian Shtriil ui or Cluy, yet he exists only as a dim and t'ading metuory It i.s doubtful whether the very kighesl order of eloquenoo oan be preserved in nj other way. The subtle spirit that pre vdes it and gjvea to it, irre.-istible powtr .¦vapuiaipsin type. The body is there.but the soul has flea. So the greutest eloijuence my be said to die with the breatl that carrius it to the ear. DstnOsthenes and Cicero - we read thcm with deligln but what must they hare been I i who heard tho word of living lire rust fiotn the speakers' Ups. Do not remove the straw coveriiiR ft on plante that have boen proteoted durin thu winter when the first warm days come, Tin most dangerous time is duriogtie alternan freezing and tbawin of carly sprine;. lifl the coverings. reniain on uut il all diiogc from cold nightn is i:ist.