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I i' any of our exchanges have any rooster 'Ht.i to tpare picase furward tlicui lo the Alpena Argus. Tlie Isabella Entcrpriae say.s : " Hon. YV. I. La timer ia justly entitled to a retuminarion for Auditor General. lio has illed the. office with satisfaction to tlie Michigan people, and according to precedent will oertaiolv reoeive the uoiuinaüon and get a hearty .support." The editor of the Albion Republiean, 1?. 15. Hissell, eonimenced his editorial du'ios n the fall of 1856, upon the St. Clair Republican, and cast his lirst vute tiíat Culi tbr Frenjont and Dayton. He saya: " Ot' the three hundred editors in thia state at the present time, we can recallonly six orsevcn ivho were then in harneas, of whoin Don HiMiilci.s.iii, M-nior editor of tlie Alloman Journal, is one." The Saginaw Ilerald : " A portiop ï Indiatiaeomosnearer theSouthern States in matter of civilization than any section of' the country tuat has yet come under Our notice. A band ot' masked deiuourats in Or.apg6C9p.nty, in that .-tate lately created i reign "f terror by traveling through tin; niiritry ut night nnd whipping inofferiMve 1 1 1 . mi . That is the southern ku klux iih-i hud of rcgulating politics and things." The Charlotte He publican tinis gives its preference for a Pre.-ideiitial eandidati; : ¦'During his long and succcssful public care.r John Shermati ha? nerer made a mitake. Safe, conservative, practical ; he n the man, inour judgment, wlio eould carry the country with him in ilie coming oaiu paigr), and wheri electca presippiit giy'e us th nfest adflfinïfrtratrbn we hffite ba! sfhoè Lincoln 's." The Clinton News completes its lirt yc-ir with the issue ot April Hth. If we are capable of judging we should gay that the venture had been a truly aeoMstul one. lt liublishes a brief record of all the principal ! uil uvents of theyear passcd. In greeting ils readers it Bys : " Durinf the past year we have endeavored to give our readers wbat we prouiised at the oulset - a good, readable home paper. As to whether we liave sneseeded or not, we leave our past readers to judj;e. At all events, the News is now thoroughly estublLshed, not only in circulation, but, we trust, in the hcarts of its past readerB." The Bay City Tribune utlers the right sort, of seritiment wheu it sayH of the i n - idential (juestion: "We have taken no pains to ascertain Republican sentiment on thePreidentialquestion, as we arefarruore anxious to elect our nominee than we are as to wlio he shall be. To which an eichange says : " ' Them'a our sentimenta ' exactly. We have achoice among nroposed candidates, but we care more for the succes of the Republiean party and its principies, than we do for the advancement of our particular favorite. ' ' Oedar Springs Clipper vory seusibly and truly remarks: "The public streeta are fit places to edúcate boys for the penitentiary and girls for the brothel. ' How mnny parents think of this? ' Few young men rein be found in our public prhons, and tew young women in the ranks of those whoare meeting a fate worse than death, who do not owe their first step in the downward road to the liberty of running the streets at all hours of the day and uight, accordud them by their párente Theso are the nat ural results of street education, and, as asked above, how many parents appreeiate the fact?" Pioneer-Mgnet, of Big Rapids records, its cholee of two Democratie candidatos thusly : " The name of Hugh J. Jewett, President of the Erie road, is still mention ed in connection with the Democratie Presidential Domination, and it is said the ' boom ' in his favor bas of late reutived a strong Ímpetus. Mr. Jewett makes a superior railroad exneutive, but it does not (ollow that he would make a good ' run ' if he were ' switched off ' on the Presidential 'track.' Asbetween 'Saiuiay,' the railioad wrecker, and Jewett, the railryad President, howcrer, the country, ifobliged to ohoofc, nooH ccrtninly piefer the latter." The Ki-ntoii (izotte says : "Last Friday is rtpresented by a New York Journal as Murdcrer'a Black l'Vidy, on account of the execution of nino men for the crime of murder, five colored and four white. It waa a big day. It is conceded that Michigan will be couipelled to resort to hanging before men'slives will be held sacred above that of a dog." Would not the above indícate that life is held no more sacred in New York where they do bang men, than in our own state where they do not? A murderer prefers death tosolitaryconfinementevery time, and the latter is t-aid tobe many times more cruel tliough apparently much milder. Those guilty of great crimes do not care to have too much time to think of them in. Then comes the question of the right of man to legalize murder. But we will not dieus the subject. The Tuacola County Pioneer thus speaka of the downf'all of Keamoyism : " The triutnphof theCitizens' union ticket in the San Francisco clection is o'verwhelming. The d' fet of the Sand Lots party is undoubtodly a matter for general congratularon in tlic east a.s well u in California. It is remarkablu, however, counidering the importanco of' the issue, that tlio vote was not í'ullor, and if' any considerable niuuber of Deraocrats had votad the Citiïens' tiekat the majority ought to have been mucli largor than it wa. We suspect, however, that although the law and order party divided its nomiuations irapartially bctween llepublieans and DeuiooraU, it obtained very little support trom the Democratie foton, and that it will be discovWMJ wlion the roturns ara analyzed that the Republicana have sustained the fight against Ivaaruij isiu aluaost aluin-. ' ' The National Globe, of Hay City, in referring to the proposed importationoi'Chinese laborers to compute with the working men of the Saginaw valley, remark.s: " It heen intiniated that the Chinese labor qoestton tnay be brought up in this country tur discusión by the importation of Chinese labor iiito the 8aginaw Valley. We trust tlint this raay never be the case, for it will most issurodly produce a íangerons eontroversy which can have but onc end. The Monolian race will nqver assimilate with the Anglo Saxon, and they will only earn money to send it out of the country. Millions ot gold and silver froni our mines are anninlly ,e.nt to China by thr-ir interlopers whoare poaseased of the old lieathen idea that K"!d and silvoraro the ontythings out of' which money may be made, nml wlio will not even peiniit tli'ir boDes to rest in Aineiican soil. We will not attempt to diaoun the iucstiun t'ully at this time, but will enter our protest, against the ilrtroductiuii of'n e'iiss wbosc every intere'-t is inimit-al to the growtli atid prosperity of our country." The Adrián Daily Times ui 1 BtnosUor gjvea its readers a hall 'shot upplemenl eaoh day, mak ing a six page daily paper. It is t'ull of lito and buMUdsa. Tuo lolluwing relativo lo the oturage upon pulilishers ii its s-iio of the 8tb iijht. ; "Tho einninous prico of priut paper, if kopt up inue.h loflger, will seud iniiny ncwepaper publishrrs to the wall, tinanoially. This uutraijeoua exaction is made possible by a tariff gystem, that puts ia the power of' a oombination of fifty-thrce or four men to put (heir own prices on an article that, but for the opcration of tbat systeni, cDuld be btó&ght frciiii Canuda, and .-old here with profit to the makers, at prices from 40 to 60 per cent. lowerthan it is nciw held. The motion to relieve the newspaper and book pubfishers, by changing the tariffon wood pulp and artioles that enter into the composition and manufacture of print paper, is the signal for all ' protected ' intcrests to raliy together in resistance. The resulta is certain def'eat for the effort to relieve the victima of a high tariff on paper. If the government must give bountie to certain men, it would be fairer to pay it directly out of the national treasury thau to exact it irom those least alile to pay it - that is, the consumere of what are known as proteoted artieles. The political party that offers the couutry a genuino tariff reform, will be the uarty of the future." From the Isabelk Enterprise: "The I o-tul j;i rd is a little over six years old in this óonncry; yet it is doing well as could be expocted for its age. It has only two encimes, the man who receives duos on it, and the manufacturera of writing paper The little postal causes a decrease of from twelva to fifteen million dollars every year in the bu'-iur-vs of the writing paper tradc in the country, l'ostal carda are made at ILilykr, aml lorty men are continually employea at their manufacture. The oardboard is furnishecj in paciages of 3,0ü0 each, and every sheet is made into forty postal. Three pressestrekeptgoiognight au'l (ky. A machine elite the sheets intu stiis of ten cards each, and these in turn are eut into single carda and dumped in Ut twenty-five carls each, when they at! paeked liy jifls in pasteboard hoxesoontainini; Otii) eaids. A governuient officer is consUntïy on hand tq see that no pilfering of' cards is done. The Holyoke manufactory turns out about a miuiori of cards a duy. Last year there were used in this country twu hundred and forty six millions sixtythree thousand and sixty cards. Of the ncw international card introduced a few weeks since, there bave been two millions uscd already. The government keeps on haud twinty -fivc miUions of the postal cards." 'f he Farwell Register, published by J. S. Holden, nasjust compléted theeighth year of its existence, and commencing the ninth volume it" i ili tor say : " With its first issue thiá paper roclaimcd the position or poliep by wliich t wuuld be guided, namely : Republican in politics - an advocate of moral priticiriles - against intemperance - cpposed to official orookedness, corruption and dishonesty - to labor for the best interest of the pcople, and moral welfare of' the eonamunity, Tliis line of policy or principie, promulgíited at first, when the total Iiopuliitinn ut' Clare county numbered less thau öUO, this paper bas maintained at all times and under all circumstances, as its files will show ; and thus we .shall continué to the end. In the meantime we have established two other newspapers injtwo difierent countios- the (iladwin County llecord and Ogemaw County Herajd - both well established, and from which w e receive a good revenue. For six years we performed the entire work on the Register, besides attendingto other matteis - chopping wood. making garden, collecting, etc. Xt was hard work and up-hill business. Dollars were few and far between ; we had a large family to support ; the liquor element was active and injured us all they could - prosecuted for libel (ia which they were not succei-sful) and did all they could to drive us out. Corrupt politicians worked agaipst us because they could not use us for their own purposes. It was hard struggling with us lor bread aüd butter for a time ; but we did not abandon our original intentions, and always strove to ie tüithful to our honest convictions. " Tlie Monroe Commercial published by ML 1). Ilamilton & Son, npon the 20th anniversnry ol its birth gives some reminiscenees, of the Ivepublican party, in which we fiud the iöllowing : " At that time the national government was in the hands of the Deniocrats, James Ruchanan being l'rosident. At the Ctiicago convention in May of that year the Republicans nominatüd Abrabaui Lincoln as their candidate lor the Presidetjcy. The Democrats, haying had a split at their first eonvention at Charleston, adjoiurned to Baltimore, again split, onc factioi) nominating Stephen A. l)ouglas and the ut her Johu C. Breokepridge. Thofc who were in activo life at the time will remember the exciting political campaign that ensued, culminating in the triuniphant election of Abraham Lin coln. The state government 20 yeare ago was Rapublican, Jloses Wisner then being its governor. It bas remained stcadily under Republican rule, and the wisdom of the people in so ordering is ehown by its financial condition then and now. W'hcn the Republican party came into power in this state in 1850, the state debt amounted to $3,476,757. lts present tinancial condition is aptly s-tated by acotemporary which says ' Michigan owes $890,000 and has $940,000 tu pay it with. ' So far as Monroe county is concerned, although it has been conceded to be a Democratie county, the Republicans electa! bout half of their county ticket in tSCO; and at most of the -leetions since that linie thoy have managed to carry away a part, at kast, of the honors. Tlie Comnioroial my fairly claim to having contriliuted its quota lowards gaiiiing thcMü numei-ou.s political victories."