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Senator Edmunds Position On The Presidential Question

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Washington Cor. Chicago .Tourna). JNotwithstanding tbe positivo statements made in regard to tbe position of Senator Kdiuuwls and the Presidental nomination, tliere seems to be an uncvrtaiuty in the niinds ot'soinc poople as to whether he has been correctly ropresented as not being a candidato lor the Chicago nomination. In a talk to-day with an intímate personal friend of Senator Edruunds, your correspondent was iterad Uiát the Senator made do o 'iir.aluifiit ol' his position to bis (rienda, but was frank in ileelaring that no loiititiL'riicy would be likely to arise at Chicago wliich would justily him in allowing bil name tu bc present ed. He does not believe the eonvention will have the slightcst difficuky in seleoting a randidale. In í'act, he is now Bonvïneed lliat the question is praotically wUledi and that General Oraal is dcstined to lu;il tlie party to victory next November. While he has not [alkèd publicly, hia Prienda say that he is an earnest ndvocato of Grant's notninati.m, n;il wil, f hts ;nlv'kv is sought, urge ut tne proper time the Ycrinont delegation to Chicago tu transfer their votes froni him to (tcru'inl (riant. The persistenco with whieh his candidacy has teen urged by ciMtain M.iitcrn papéis, loyalty to the tlepuhliosB pary is always a matter of LMiivc doubt, s uut gratlfyihe to Mr. Eduuiii'ls, wlio is répofted by hi friends as tíntrtaii)iii)í the opinión that the newspapers are tryinu' to tluust liim furward merely to d' 'li-ai Qrant (r lilaine, He cannot be put in py suco position, nor swerved friuii his ennvietion that General Grant is the man in ba noiiiinati'd at Chicigo. He 1 to malea puliüoariy authoritativc ,-tati'tii! ut COgard ing his views, lor the B nipte reaon,aa be eys,tba( there is nooooation lor his dorng so The above statement which comes from Ui personal tJBudl niay be relied upon as eorroctly represontinir his poaition.