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The State convención of Iowa hun instructed its delegates for Blaine ; Kentucky and Missouri for Grant ; and Masaachusettg will probabJy end au Edmonds delegation. Parnei.i. and Dillon have both been reelected lo Parliament, the former from Mayo, by a fair majority, and the latter froni ïiperary. In Indiana an amendment to the constitution of the State i.s to be submitted at the noxt elección, providing for a registry law, which will in a great measure do away with the rascality now practiced by Democratie repeaters and non-residents. An Imnost election would undoubtcdly place Indiana among the Republican States. In the recent English elections 400 constituences have retorued 338 Liberáis, 230 conservatives, and 52 Home Rulers. The present indications are that Gladstone will be obliged to forego hm reluctance to hold office, atid accept the Primierahip which Beaconsfield will from necessity resign. The lopular clamor for Gladstone is becoming universal throughout the country. A LiTTLE Democratie irreularity of the usul kind where the power is had and the field a close one, comes from Ludington. The two candidatos for supervisor were Bob. O. A. Stanchfield, present representativo in the legislatura, Repubücan, and B. J. Goodsell, Deinocrat. The Democratie candidate was a niember of the board of election, and too the ballot box boine with him at noon against the protest of the only Ilopublicao meiuber. When the votes were counted the Deninorats had 83 straight tickets to 24 for the Kepublicans. Since election 35 Republicans swear they voted straight Itepublican tickets and more are willing to make similar affidavit. The matter will probably be settled iu oourt.