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Republican County Convention

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The Republican County Convention for Washtenaw county asseiubled at the court house, in this city, Wednesday noon. Called to order by Andrew J. Sawyer, chairman of the Republican county committee. Prof. M. C. Tyler was chosen chairman, and H. D. Platt of Pittefield, secretary of the convention. The following oommittee was appointed on credentialg : A. D. Crane, chairman ; Wm, Judson, John W. Blakesley, J. Austin Scott. A committee of five pon resolutions were appointed, to whom all resolutions of fered were directed to be referred, consisting of the following gentlemen : Philip Baoh, Andrew J. Sawyer, J. Wobbter Childs, Geo. 8. Wheeler, V. H. Pottle. The couimittee on credentials atter an intermirtsion of one hour, reported the following entitled to Beaty in the convention as DELEOATES : Ann Arbor Toten. - John Geddes, J. P. Bird, R. O. Willits, Richard Glazier. Ann Arbor City, ht ward.-K. J. Sawyer, Aretus Dunn, R. A. Beal, F. Sorg. Sd ward. - Henry Krause, Philip Bach, E. K. Frueauff, Emanuel Mann. Sd ward. - E. J. Johnson, Chas. E. Hisoock, W. Allaby, E. G. Wildt. Mh toard. - John F. Lawrence, J. C. Knowlton, A. Gwinner, Moses Coit Tyler. 5th ward.-L. B. Kellogg, Eli Manly, N. H. Pierce. Cth ward. -Chas. K. Adama, J. A. Scott, Benj. Brown. Augvsta.- J. Webster Childs, William Dansingburg, J. B. Lord, Watson Barr. Bridyeioater. - W. V. Hess, M. S. Everey, C. H. Raudall. Dexter.- John E. Hall, W. II. Newell, Wm. Wood. Lima. - Wm. E. Stocking, Freeman G. Tucker, Alva Freer. Manchester.- Wni. H. Pottle, Amasa F. Freeman. J. A. Mcllwain, Chas. W. Norton, Silas 0. Vaudegriff, John H. Kingsley. Mrthield.-Wm. Doty, Wm. N. Stevenx, E. 8. Leeland. John Quigley. f'itUield.-Dawitl Wilsey, Andrew Campbell, N. C. Carpenter, H. D. Platt. Salem.- Calvin Wheeler, John Peebles, Geo. 8. Wheeler, Wm. R. Hamilton. Satine. - Milton Reynoldn, Wm. M. Gregory, Norman Nicherson, RobertShaw, Chas King, Wm. Colé. Scio.-h. W. Briggs.Dr. W. Ziegernfuss, Robt. Popkins, Daniel LyoD, John Henley, A. I). Crane. harón. - Morton L. Rayinond, George P. llayuiond, Wm. Bowers. Superior. - -J . A. Wilbur, Emery Town. end, Freeman B.Goodspeed, George MoDougal, Oliver H. Twist. Sylvan.- Wm. Judson, S. E. Cooper, J. L. Gilbert, J. P. Wood, Chan. H. Wines, Hirini Pierce. Webtter.- Robert MeCall, Isaac Terry, L. D. Ball, John W. Williams. York- Joniah U. Fuller, John U. Forsythe. John W. Blalteslee, James Gauütlett, Jr., Lyman W. Lake. Yptilanti Town- Henry Boutell, Jacob Emerick, Wm. H. Lay, Frederiok A. Graves. ü Ypsüartti City, ht word- E. II. Cady, . N. Chidester, F. Hinkley. S'fwmd.- E. P. Allen, Dr. Post, W. H. Hall. 3d ward.-C. Sp3O03r, C. II. Pattison F. K. Owen. 4thiYird.-F. P. Hunt, M. Holbrook, G. E. Whitmore. 5thward.-l. N. Wallce, S. W. Parsons, Clark Cornwel!. After the report of the committe on credontials had been received and adoptcd, the oonvcntion divided into three caucutes, one for each representative district, to decide upon delegates to tbe State convention, and to report one name for the eiecutivecommittee.and one name for each supervisor district as a member of the county eouoty committoe. After these varioui caucuses had accomplished the business before them, the convention was again called to order, and tbe reporta received. The choice of the various districts for delegates to the State convention were : Delégate at htrge-RioeZA. Beal, Ann Arbor. ht district- Eapt. E. P. Allen, J. Webster Childs, Clinton Spencer, Milton Reynoldt, Jai-ob Kun-iick. 2d district- K. Townsend, Geo. S. Wheeler, Anr)rw J. Sawvcr, Uicbard Glasier, Prof. M. C. Tiler. ' Sd district-W. H. I'oitlc, Win. Julson, John Henley, Jas. McLaren, Jubu . Hall. The following is tbc report of the differereut distriets for nu' tuben of the COUNTY COMMITTEC: lST REPRE8ENTATIVK DI8TRICT- Ypsilanti city- Dr. F. K. Owen, Chas. Signiond. Ypsilanti Town-Wm. H. Lay. York- J. W. Blakesley. rüttifield- Andrew Campbell. Augusta- J. Webster Childs. Saline- Chas. Ciarle. 2D REPRE8ENTATIVE DISTRICT- Ann Arbor city- Frank Emerick, John P. Ijaw ronce, J. Austin Soott. Ann Arbor toten - John C Mead. NorthfaH-Wm. Doty. Salem- W. B. Thompson. Superior- Geo. McDougalL Webster- Robert McCalT. 3d representativk district- Lyndon - Qeo. Row. Sylvan - Wm. Judson. Sharon - Samuel H. Smith. MancJiester - J. H. Kinssley. Bridgewater - W. W. Hess. Freedom - Jacob Bronn. Lima - Wm. E. Stocking. Dexter- William Wood. The following named gentlemen were eleoted as members of the EXECDTIVE COMMITTEE. A. J. Sawyer, Ann Arbor oity, chairman;Chas. R. Pattison, Ypsilanti; Jas. M. Gilbert, Sylvan ; and Henry S. Dean. Upon the nomination of R. A. Beal asa delégate at large, he was called upoc by the convention to give his opinión as to the Presidential questiun. In respondió? he said that wbatever his private opinión might have beeD, in accepting the position tendered bini he bowed to the will of the Republican majority, whatever their instructions wcro would be heartily carried out by him. He could not do otherwise and be a Kepublican. Af'ter the selection of delegates, committees, etc, was oonipleted the oommittee on resolutions reported the following, whkh was uuaniiaouMly adoptedaseipresRepublican sing the sense of the convention : Resolved, That it ia the seose of tbis convention that we are decidedly opposed to the noniination of any man to the offioe of' President of tbe United States for a third term, aud would oonsider such a nomination a bad precedent, and a wide departure from the eablished usages and customs of our people. At the close of the convention, the president, Prof. M. C. Tyler, was called upon for a speech, and responded in some happy pointed and eloquent remarles. It is to be regretted that no hand reporter was present tbat his words might have been chronicled and handed down to the future. The proceedings were harmonious throughout, no discord, no dissensions, only one spirit seeming to actúate the delegates, and that was enthusiasm for the party, which bodes well for victory in the coming campaign.