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The sophs have their hop the Jatter part of the month. Mr. Thomas read a paper on Goethe last Monday evening at President Angell's. Several philanthropical ladies have formed an association for the purpose of securing cots for the new hospitals. There are two French clubs in town, one exclusively composed of members of the Uuiveraity, the other with students and residents of the town. This year there will be two days devoted to field exercises, one on May 15, the other in June. Prizes are offered, but in order to retain them they must be won by the same person on both days. The foncing olub will be well represented. The Christian Association was teodered a social at the Methodist Church by the Young Peoples' Society last Priday evening. It was well attended and the evening was pleasantly passed in conversation, the cating of a siipper, and the hearing of several fine selections of vocal and instrumental music. The full Board of Regents met on Tuesday and Wednesday, and by a vote of 5 to 3 stood by the October resolution, not to employ counsel in the suit against Douglas now before the supreme court. The three new Kegents, Shearer, Grosvenor and Van Riper, voted with Regents Climie and Duffield. Monday morning not a little ezcitement and commotion was seon around the Main Hall, both among society men and independent. The former had learned that the Delta Tau Delta had starled a chapter herc, and the latter that they had recently lost fiftoen men froin their ranks inconsequence of the new society. Soon a notice was posted up calling a meeting of the Chronicle Association for Tucsday. It was then asoertained thal two of the independent editora had joined the Delta, and had resigned their positiona on the board of edi tors. At the meeting the resignations of Messrs. Haire and Dubuar were accepted and Messrs. Helmie and Pond were elected to to fill the vacancies. The meeting then adjourned, and again " white winged penco brood s orer land sea."