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èpf COMPOUND SYRUP jfc!E WASTING DISEASES, A xi h ni a, Iti di], lilti-. (unmimption, ¦ Iruln l'.vbuNHtiou, 4'hroiiir ConartlI'iitlOn. lironii IMarrliira. I1 M'lsill r fOMM Of ITEBiVOTJS POWEB, Aro poaitively and speedily cured by Fellows' Compound Syrup of Hypophosphites The mcrlt of this remarkable remody Ie due to its peruliar property of restoring tho wasted tissues of i ly To their oriuiunl nironcss anti vigor, lt is well kuüwn tliat for uverr thought and actlon thero is death or v.c ly of an amount of material proporti-matc to tbc magnitude of the thought or acilou. Thi8 whbIc is supplicd liy tin' Ufiimpaired nutritivo fuuctions. The precocious activity of youtbs, the nrliuüiastic strugKle for weallh and fame In the iniddU: aged, and old age itnelf caase an unduc d-cay of material i.crvoos force. JL'ltOSXliAXION. ;. urii, NovaScotl. as I J ï ÉBTyiClCows, 5tr, - Havlng.while at your establishment, carefnlly axamlBd your prescrlptlons, and the method of preparing your Compound Syrup ol Ilypopbosphttes, I feit anxtoua to give it a fair trial iu niy practice. For la.-t twt'lve mouths I have done bo, and find tbat In inctpient coimnmptlon. and other diseasea of the throat and lungs, it ha done woudera. In restoring ptTMoaa-rftttfejüitf trom the effect or iliptheria, aod 9 Hi ; yphoid lever, pievalant In thü hent remedial affent I have ever Daad. But for per?ons suffering from exhauslion of the powers of the brain and nervous svstem, from lou-contliuied tudy or teaching, or in those cases of BXhaasttoB from which bo many yonng men Buffer, 1 know of no better medicine for restoration to healtb than jour Compouud Syrup of Uypophoöphiles. n. Q, AMyj M. D., St. Jolui, N. B., wrltcs u folíonT pj Mjil I. FlLLOW?, C'V'4i O h-ar fllr,- Havinsr asei yonr Compound Syrup of llypopho'phite for same time in my practice, I o hesiution in recommeudinr it tomy paLients who w Miflering from general dehllity, or any Of the luogSj kuowin that, eveo In tAti ntUTly liopelesa, it affords raltSC SOLD BY ALL DKUQGISTS. Pkick $1.50 Pkr BoTrLK. Tg-flSW Ij. S. Lerch, Agent, Ann Arbor. Gestoría Millions of Motliers oxpross tholr deliglit over Castoria. 11 Is nat ure's reniedj for aimilaliiu' t!i fooi), l'nllkc Castor 0l, it is ploasant totaho.and imlikc Morplilnc 8] rujis, t is harmlcss. Castoria regulates the Bowcls, destroys Worms, Cares SOÜR CURD AND WIND COLIC, nuil üji.ij.i i rverisínitíss. IThat grivcs 'i 1 Ihc Child proiuotes rost for the Muili.T. Clillilrcti crv fiir PItcIier's Casloria. II is the most reliable, effcctivc and popular article dispcnsed by Drugglsts. 1TEVEH Slnce healing remedies have been uscd by SUFFERINQ MAN has fyjffklfpf' aVolutc Pain-rolicvin- ageóu as the CENTAUR LINIMENTS. They sootho. heal and cure. They III.AL Out, Woands, (ialls, Old Sores, Broken . id Sare NJppl. - I ItK-Paln in the Back, Rhura:Uism, Sciatica, Lumbago, Neuralgia, Earache, Tcttcr, Pimplt'H, Itch, Salt lilieum, and all flesh, bone and muacle ailraent of Animale ; .SCBDITK-Inflammation and Swellings ; itlitlKVI-;- B..Í1, Fuluus, Ulcers, Sore Throat, Broiu hit-, ''nuiji and ('nïnfly; i:TfltCT V.v.v from Büriif, Scalils, Stlngn, FrOBt-bites, Sprains and Bruises. The experience of centurles bas made the CENTAUR Linimento the mftit specdy and eflfcctlTe curative agenÍB-íor r fyT -. MAN1 and BEAST the world has ever known. The Centaur LINIMENTS have relleved more bed-rldden Crlpple ; liealcd more Irlülulul woundt and aved more valuablc anliuals than all uüht liniments, ointments, otb, extracte, piasters and so-callcd "pain killers" and "Ala carea" combined. Pbyslctans aud Veterinary Sorgeons endorse the Centaur Lluiiueiit ; mllllona of men, winnen and children In all coantries uae tliem, and ii m-akuvpi rt, Farmera, Waiitors, Trale, laan, l'ödiutera and Stock-growen, ar tbeir patrnns. They ure oloau, thcy are hnndy, they are etieap, and they are rellable. There la no aelic, pain, or Kwelling which they will not allevinte, subdue, orcure. Sold throoghont ¦ il I. II ABITA III. K I.IIIHR 'lfc" for 50 cents and $1.00 a bottle. Trial bottles, 25 centa. Catarrhal F0IS0U Wei De meyer'a Treatlxe on Catarrh explains the following important facts : 1. That CatarAánolds bucome a iioisonom iny cvnstiltUUmal . 2. jHÉ,KaBboi:MUal:OD tl, the infi'Ctiun is be '¦ ¦¦'.'- - . . stnl we necesurilj twaïïöwed Into the ttomack and inhaled into the Ihjiqs, thus poisoning the Digeative, Kcupiratory and (tMi;r-l riiihry organe. 4. TJiat Catarrhal virus follows tbc mucons memhnine and canjag Dutftitss. Uyspepeia, Chromc Diarrhcea, jMgfJjil-, rueorthea, and (.'oniump tiou. 5. nat Smoken, Douches, Inhalationn, and Insolubla Snuil?, cannot possiblij remove infecüoua innammation trom the organs named. it. 'Fhat an antuiote for Catarrh must possess an nn Mii"to['t iu"itv lur.iuid Üie quality of heini; irmu ! d bij, the purulent mucouL wher$ver lo at"!. Based upon these plain thcorlps, Dr. Wei De Meyer's CaUrrli Cure, lias pro t d to lie iulallil)!. It not only relieves, It cures Caliirrli at any starre Home testi UJ: n , p Af n , Cured! Cured! Cured! Cured W. D.Wooiü, 187 Broadway, N. Y., Curod of Chronic ' aiiiirli. ,_ -¦ - F. I. HasletUBmadwa, N. Y., 4 ycara Catarrh. (!. L. BrnllMl' iv, V. Y. , 10 years Cntafrh. S. Benedict, .Ir., Jevcclnr. 097 Broadway, N. Y., (lady Waad), ciind of Chronic Hay Fever. Mrs. EniTna C. Ilowc.i, 3 W. Washington Square, N. Y., ented of 30 years Chronic Catarrh. Rev. Geo.Aj Reis, 169 Jay St., Brooklrn. " It retortd e ii my nniilaterlal liborx.'' Bei . ChIt. J. Jon, N.w Brighton, 3. I. " Worth R v. Alex. Prcca, Cairo, N. Y. "It has workcd wonden i 1 1 -ix caaea ¦¦" my parish." Fiilton 8t., Brooklyn, cured of I ri ie Catarro, Mrf. J.8wartz,.'r.,2U0 Warren St.,. Jersey City, cnred of 18 yi ars Cbronic Ctilarrn. &c. &c. Sec. &c. &c. V real cure for thU terrible malady ia the moxt important discovery for Lho relief of human HiiíTeríng -ince vseclaatioB. Wil Mr Heyer's Ctarrli 'uri in sold by alt Oruggista, or delivered bj I). Ii. Dkwey&Co., 48 DeySt., N. Y., forl.SO fi parKaft'. To 01ub, lx parkage for W7.5O. lr. Wri fp MeyiT'ii Troatlm-, with fnll expl&aatlODI and oviTWhelmlng prootn, ín pOMt-paid and aent fr?e to anyhody. I ¦ HW2- eow FARM FOR SALE. I III Keil flfty acres of land, on the onth slde of the road, ioclud uk brick house, two burns and carrlaflt Doime; or nlflhtfi awian aervs on tbe north tride of the rnad, iiicluilim; the J. WIng place, wllb uood ; or will sell the whole farm combined, as purekaaer inay dotire. '1 bc land is located aa the Dexter road, three and one-balf miles west of Ann Arbor i "ity, aud la io u vcry fli.c state of cultivation. Terras to Bult purebaaera. lf not aoW by April lat, I will let tbe eaino ou sh:ires. Will also let the Klliui").- i.u in ui oiiu l.unUred aerea uiljiiiiiiitr Uxc ubovu. RM J. . Bradford.