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The Housewife's Table

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Tlie following 3 a very TalnabW ousewiio's table, by whioh persons not hsvini? acales and weights at hand, may readily measure the article wantod to fortu any recipe, without the treuble of weighing, allowancc to be tnade for any extraordinary dryness or tnoisture of the artiele weighcu or measured : Whoat flour, ont pound is one ijuart." Iridian iucl, oné pouod two nuces are ono quart. Buttr when soft, ono pound ia one quart. Loaf sugar, broken, one pound is one quart. White sugar, powdered, one pound one ounce are one quart. Bmt brown sujfar, one pound two ounees are one quart. J S Ton eggs are one pound. A comuion tumbler holds lialf a pint. A teacup is one gilí. A large winoglass is one gilí. Forty drops are cqual to one tablespoon - ful.