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Small Industries On The Farm

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The cotnparative profit of large and sinall farms is a question that will not fltay settled. In few cases tho subdivisión of labor and economy of systein teil lavorably on returns; penerally, however, the want of oapital, incapacity for tytetn:itic effort, or little wasteiandlcakagesmakcanihitinuundertakings coinparatively unprofitable. One advantagein the suiall farm system in the neceseary apprgpriation of every source of inoome, the utilizition of every capacity for production, and the employiucot ui' the labor of every member of the rural fauiily. The Freneh afford a (jood illustration of this idea. No fragment of time, no product of growth, no ray of' sunshine or drop of rain is permitted to be lost The care of tlie silkworui and the keepin of poultry are auiong these minor industrie that afford employment to the extremes of youth and age. The comparativo profit of small and largo flocks of ehickens only illustrates in au exaggerated fasbion the difficulty in Ketting a proüt out of big farms. One in a thousand will conduct poullry operations prufitably on a largo acale by observing with extreme caro the conditions that made a small flock profitable. Ifthe birds are allowed free rango without crowding, pijre air and water, and the nccdcd variety of fond, vegetable and animal, whicli a email fleck obtains in its vnlnntary -circuit ot'tbg farui, tliey will lx hoaltliy and profitable. But it i cxtrcmely difficult to i'ulfiil all theso conditions.