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Success With Peaches

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All wlio havo grown the pcach know tliar :is toe geto old iho fruit grows smaller. An experiment a year or two since has satisfied us that this nord not bo if tho tree is properly grown. If cut baok or headed ín, and wtll fed witU ïuanure, the fruit uill boid its large sizo on old trees - that is, jf grubs are krjii out by a free application of wood aslio-i to the rnots. and a coat or two of wliitewash (witli car1 ulio aijiil mixod in) put on body and liuibs. Our cïpcriment was to cut limlis dtf liom olil trees ()iit were brcaking down with agf, and that were yieldiag very small fruit. Wo threw around under the tree plenty of' manure and worked up the soil, and thi.H year the new growth had a load of lare, lux'iuus peacheti. "l'eaches are short-Jivtcl," is a conimon remark. So would you be if you were used and treated as are peach trees. Keep the grubs out, feed theoi yearly with manure, ashes, and salt, and keep them well headed in, and you wil] get ptaches of large size foryears,