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Electric Lamps

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Wabash, Indiana, has adoptad ttie lectrie light and a dispatch from that city saya : As the clock struck 8, four Brush lampi, of 3,000 candios power eaeh, put f'orth a noon-day light for one milo in eircumferonce. They were suspended uiidway of the iron fias; staff on the court house, which towers 1U0 foot ahoye the bui-iuoss part of the town. Accordin? to conrYnct the light was to equal a gas burner 2,640 t'eet from the light. The Coucil placed uien at different parta of the city to observe, and they reported Batisfaotorily. At Urbana, 8 ve miles north the light was said to be beautiful. The tet has pvea geoenl :lli(:i(tion. Fully 7,(K0 p' o lt; arrived by 7 o'c o.k, amoiig hoiu wore the the councils ot nim-toeii adjnwnt town Hiid the mayors of MariĆ³n and Nnrth, wh oaino in the iotereeti of their people, and they declared the light to be beyond their expectktions. Many who carne expecting to see the lamps were disappointed, otherwise their expeotationa wure realizcd. This city is th# first in the world to adopt the eli 0tric light f'or general illumiuutiou.