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A Blind Man's Pleasures

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Prof. Fawcetfc, the blind nu inhei""f Pthatnent, says tïuit whi n at twt nty five lic lost hia ïii 'i t ihere wen many thiiiL' of which ho was pwionatel; fond, and lic resolved tliat panniti whioh he could Follow ho woald. No one enjoyed salmón tivbiug in the Twexl or the fcjpcy more tlian he did, no one inore enjoyed throwinp the fly in sowe ouiet strcam in I Iuinp.-hire or Wiltsbury. (lo cnjoyed it as muoh as anyoue did a gallop over the turf in imihpany with wme friend. He appreciatt-d ;j1! the healtblul vigor of a long row froiu Oxiijnl to Lnri lo i, ;ml nltiioix tL; fast ¦sovrre frosts m j peil up'a g&&t many jieopip, no onp in tho whole cmintry enjoyed better than he, with a friend, a filty or sixty-niile skate on the Fens. He referred to these facts in no spirit of egotisiu, but as showins tliat there was still for the blind a store of happiness and pleasure if ony they had the oouragc and deterruination to avail tHMii.--Wves oJHt. é'