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A Young Lady's Heart Misplaced

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A curious case of malpoñtioo of the heart was rccently diícovered Ity a physíeiun of this city in a patiënt who was consulting him for some spinal trouble. The young wonian is ahout twenty years oíd, ot' good fbrin, hundsnmu face, snd pleasing disposition. A iMtfiri study of the precise locality and forin of tlie heart shows it to be transferred lo the right side of thechest, and iustead of the apex beatiiip just below the breast, it ,-trikes upward against the right-bone, near its outer third. ín tliis case chere must be a doublé curve to the largo vessels of the heirt, and the base of' the heart is downward. In other words, this htart is on the wrong tide of the body,, and is upside down. This unnatural coudition of things dues not give rise to any serious inconvenieDce, except whon moving too quickly or going up stairs, the organ beats with painful violence against the collar bone, wliere its motiuii is plainly visible.