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Tne (íroaiest Messing. A Imple, pure, harnjless remedy, that cures eveiy tinte, and pre untw disease by keaning 1 1 1 liliiud pure, stoinach regular, kidmys and li ver active, is tho greatesl blessii g ever coufurtxi upQn man Hop I5iucis is that iciii', urid its proprietnrs ¦ré being biessed by ttiougaoda who liave heen aved and eured by il. Will you try it? See iii.iih r column. (ven np by Doctor';. "Is (, rjpgsible thát Mr. (ïodfrey is up aba at work, and cured by so simple u reiuedy? " "I assure you it is Irue that be is entke]y cured, and witli DOlhing but Hop Bitters ; and only ten days ago bis doctore gave hiin up and said be must die! " "Well-a-day ! That 18 rfiiiarkable! I will ro tbis day and get sotue f'ur niy poor (Jcore - I know hops are good." Stop That Conffh. If' you aro Buffering witb a Cnugh, C'ild, A-ilima, Hronciiilis, Ilay Frvcr, QonsunjptioD, loss ot' wiee, t icklinjr in the tbroat. or nnv iificniion ollbrnat (ir Jjiings, use ''. Kifty New Disan-rry fur Cunsuinpthni. 'l'liis is the great remely that i oMaMf; su mu 'h Mtoitement by its wondcrful (.'iin:, oufiug thousands i)f Impelesu. (¦i-es. ()vcr million bottles of ¦'. Ki'ii''s fieu Ditcovery have been used wiihin tbc b-t year, and have given perfri't satisfaction in every instance. Wè can unhesitatfirj ly that tliis i? really the only min cusn lur (hroat and lung affeotions, and can eheerJ'ully reooinmend it to all. Cali and get a trial bottls tiir ten cents, or a regular size dr $1.U(). For sale by L S. Lercb, Ann Arbor. 976-98a Wcre man to conform more to the laws of hi'Hlth and oí' MUM, tMd I leSS uddie ted to tiie gratiQeatioi) of' his past-ions, it would not bo nece-sury to advertise Fellows' ('ompound Synip of Hypophosphiffes as a r st.irative tur the poweis ol tbc Imiu and ncrvmis systern, whiln the wovld's nrogreao in enlightemnurit would indeed bo marvellons. A New Metluxl in Medicine. By this uict.hod every .sick persun can get a paekage of' the dry vegetable oom pound, Kidncy Wort. anl jireparc for themselveH ix quar's of medicine. It is a speeMjc eare tor Kidtiey DiiieaeíI Jjiver Cotnpl'iinr, Conitipiitmn anl l'ilc, and & graad tonic for Finíales. A Spleiuliil Dlnry is one tliaf yields in iis owner a ood prol' t, tliioij,L;li tile i.: ii. Bul be uiut supply ilie cowb witli what thev need in order for ibeuo to be able to k ep up their product. W'hen ilicir biilier gfts huht iu eolor h must iniikc it " gilt-edjteij " by nsiiiir Wells, lliohardiion .t (!o's l'erfected Butter Color. It irtü thé golden color of June, and adds five cents per pound to the valuc ot' the butler.