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tERDONMJMBERYARD I JAMES TOLBERT, Prop., MaDufactuter and Dealer in 8ACINAW I Wli-SlW UI LÜBRR, LATH AND SHINGLES. Iwc Invite uil In (,'ivc ns a cali, and eiamlne oui ¦ock before purchaslnft eleawhure. ALSO AGBNT FOR Iackson sewer pipe co., AND SELLS KI RE BRIOK. ¦ JAMES TOLBERT, Prop. Ir. J. KRKt'H. Hupt feb.13,'79 I ANTON EISELE, DKALBR IN lm hem uiüns I The pnhHc ! invlted to cali and examine specimens of the celebrated KNOXVILLE, TENN., MARBLE Of whlch we havo a sapply of new design. It Ik superior to any mnrblr Id heantyaud durabülty.and tunee the place of Scotch Granite. PRICES LOWEB TI1AX EVER. WIIUK Al.L WAHR1NTBD. Shop- Cor. of Detroit and Catherlue Sts. A.NN ARBOK, MICHIGAN. WStf It wlll be Tor your Interest to KnowTIiat GASPAR aiNSEY (Luto from a Wholesfje Grorer's Honre In Detroit,) liae opened a HE! MI Uil 11 Ai tío. 16 Eat Hurón Street. He wlll also keep lu stock FLOUR, FERD, TOBACCO AND C1UAKS. All good are freh and new, nnd, brtnc pnrckMed at the W holesale i:a.h l'rir.-K, wlll be sold at ¦ i r'-iMT!liii 'ly low. ranli pald for all kind of i ut j Produce. 934-085 EASPAR RINSBY. HANGSTERFER'S OYSTEE AND ICE CREAM 0 AND 32 MAIN ST. CATERING FOR PARTIES AND BANQUETS A SrECIALTY. WrcUHn Cakes, Ice Cream, Macaroone and Creain Kias Pyramids MADIt TO ORDMl ON SHORT NOTICE. Whiiman's Frouch Oandies, Kresh Figs, Malaga Grupea, Florida Oranges, Ac, Ac, KKPT CON8TANTL.Y ON BAND AT HANGSTERFER'S :: AND 32 MAIN STREET. BOATS TO RENT AND FOR 6ALE. 959-1010 NOTICE. To avoid imposition, iiurcliasersof Waltliam Watclies will observe that evciy j-i ¦iiniiw watcli, whether gold or silver, bears otir rruUc-mm-k on both case and movenumt. Gold c.aaeg are stamped "A. W. Co..' and frtiarantee certitlcates accompanying tbem. Silver cases are stamped "Am. Watch Co., Waltham, Mass., Sterling Silver" and are accompaniud by gnarantee certificates, sj;ih:i1 K. E. Kobbins. Treasurer. 'J'he name "Waltliara" is ilainly ciijrinvcd upon ïll movemente, irresiJt-ctive of otlier distiniruishing marks. Tliis caution is rendered meoiumry by reason of the fnct tliat the Wall luim ïaso are frequent ly tfparatfd from ttetr mmument.t. and put upon worthless movementi Of Other iiuiki'i's, ind eire rn-sa, tllOt .¦illcc-ling iiijuriiinsly the ]i;l fonmuue of Ilie watclies and, uitlating tu ir tmarqnlet , which is rntended to cover oniy the complete watclies wiolly mude by the W'altliain ('onipany. Ii ignecessary, ajeo, beause it s.-o notorious :is to be a public scandal, thal there la greftt fraud In the metal qnaltty of hutli gold and silvcr Ottoon as DOW ifeiieiallv Bold. H( luttt deaiftistraied b frequ&it stayi that mant gold and tüvt r cati s om n d Ín (M imnicil, mi' tUSused f rum IO to ÜO PW '¦ I. front tke ipiiilitji tttiy aMwmt to bi . This ia a ftand opon ilie putchuier, and aocouuts Lar the low prices al whieh such CaSCd u alelíes ll.ive been sold. AM. WAT H ('O., Maldiani, Mass. I