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W. TREMAÏN G-E1TBRAL lince lm OFFICE AT A.A.TERRY'S HAT STORE Morfli BrltlNh Iiixurancc Cm'r (of London and EdinfmrKh,) Capital $13,000,0011. Gold. bieU-oii Tire and Marine In. ,o, ('aeh Aséete fr.00,000. lriiill 1,1 Ins. Comp'y. ofMa,, Caeb Aflicta fl.800,000. IIowHrd Int. Co., f Kcw York, Cnsh Atsets tl,OUU,(X)O. AKricuIliiriil lliwnnm Comp'y VaTKüTOWN, . NEW YOBK, Cash Asseta f1,200,000. Losscs lilioially adjustod and promptly paid. jt ÜLD A3D REUABLE, SDr. Sakfokd's Liveu InviooratorJ j is a Standard F imi.y Jt,-m .,iy for %% ? diaf ¦¦, Sttnnach ft jaudBowls.- Tt:.i l'iiri'ly 3jQL .-Vegetil)lc.- It HPvrr L Wñ gS Debilita s -Itis "iñil i 4r Cntliiirf..'ui.l .Vj pff OL 5 ) i M Ml ¦'' in n:-v l'J:""tu'(ií lfe 5. for more tii:in :i" yciirs, 1 „¦IL v""'1 u"l)lv ¦"lil''iititl rcsults. J jV EEND FOR CIRCULAR. J 5 T W caycnDn u n lea bboadway. Jdi I ¦ Ui aHHJKU, M.U., newtokkcity? A!ÏT WU'ttflWT W't.f, TVI.I.KM I 's K. i'ï ! tTfUN i ,,939-900 L. S.LKKIH, AC1KM'. if TKÉ"mlVI EdÍcWEÍ Ü 'Ihi-t Acts at the Same lime on L 2 THS LIVER, I f THE BOWELS, j and the KIDNEYS. f M Thr.iff preat orpina aro the natural Ij J era of ihe s-Rtc::i. If they wort wcll.heüitb m H .vJll he perfect: If tbcy bccome elogged, H H ilveadiul üiscases are ture to follow wltü TERRIBLE SUFFERING. f B Hl'.tonKiioss, Ilcadachc, Dispepsia, Ii !:ce, Constlpation nl Piles, or Kldn y Complsints, (iratil. Diabetes, SeJiincnt in the L'riue, Billij Of Uopy Trine ; or Kheumatic Faina and Aches, U 11 aro devclopcd beoause the blood Is polsoncd M n wltn the humor tbat ihould hare K-eo fcl 1 uxpcUjd aaturally. I K1DNEY-WORT T wlllrrtrre thehealthy actlon andallthep ¦ M ltntroing evfls t,ih oe hp.nished ; uegleci n üiein :óil you wlll live bat to mfler. fc 1 1 ITioueaDjeliavebeencured. Tryítandyou M 1 wnitdd onemore to tlie nnmber. Take It f M andliu.iltliWilloiicemorcKlKddenTourheart. I , [ Whv uflferlongerfromMi torment l T of n achine back? t tf Wrr' toar ueh dlstres trom E, h-? eo feartul becauao of B VriitT wlll cure yon. Try a pac. tl . be satlí:flcd. T{ rrMaU' cowpoil I 11 IxnaarUof "di'laf ¦ ' 954-1005- ch e w .hr U k ¦ Al i H ¦ Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver Cure. C ( Firmerly Dr. Craifl's KUtney Citrc.) JL vetetahlo iirepration anti the onl.r tnre reiüMlT in the worhl Tor Rrlsbt'a ¦!. lialx u-.. and ALL lilclinj , Llver. aad LrÍBiary DUeam. res!imoiiinls of the hlghest oidor lu proof Of these stíitemeiits. BTFor thn cure of DI nhetca, cali fur Wrler'l Hnfe llabfr iir.-. JTl'or the cure r,! Brlichfa and the nther ltsrass, cali for Warner' fwife HlUiivy and Llver Cure. WARNER'S SAFE BITTERS. Itii the best Klooit 1'urlíK-r, and sumulatea every finiction to more healthful actlon, aud Ís t luis a beneñt In all dijeases. It cures SOKifulou and otherWklnE ni ptlona ftnd Hiseafes, íncludín l'aucera, ticrr. aml ot itur Norea. D.rspppain. WfaknPH nf the Stomnrh, Souatipnliun, Itizliit-aa. Urnrral Uvbllr. etc., urecured by the nfi Itittrra. It ! uneqiKiled rs an appettzer aud rfular timlc. Buttlea of iwo Bltea ; prlccs; 50. and 81. oo. WARNER'S SAFE NERVINE Qtiiokly cívüs Beat nnd Nlcpp to the suBeri n(t. cures ll;ila-liv aud Ncurnlfrllt, prvvenU Kpilptlc Fita, and relieves Kritou I'ro trntlon broughton by excessive drink, uvvrwurk, mental shocks, and otber causes. ruwvrful aa It Í8 U stop paln and aoofhe dllturUed Nérvea, it iuver tnjures the ayswm, wlietfaer takeo m snmll ur ïurKU doses. BuUlesof twosizes; prives, 5Oc. aud $1.00. WARNER'S SAFE PILLS re Rn irimo(li:ite niirt acLlve stimulus for Torpld Llvar, nt cure Coi ti venen, Dyipep'i. " MfVmHHffn i touinen. Billout DiraJjypn ffViU - rhcea, MftUria. Fevr FffuViALamrín B and Aguo, aiul nbouUl luliflfiE BH la'used wheneverttaa MBHkCj HKS tiowt'ls do not npiTate ifirB tictty muí rrularly. ¦fMnSHH ITW Au otlirr 1'tlU rrulriBh I KffTTTTTWH b4 "¦ rt for ruiih ¦ lOUSllUUèlll K4 "¦ Trlrp tS Ct. ¦ IfCTiduTflMl 1" urn pr'SiffHrnt''l '¦' 1 rTnHf(9 fia in Jli-Jlrinr mrj wherr. BüyBp VFfl I'roprlrtor, ROES AY WOKK ÍN MIS USE. ¦ -. A-r , iiltara] Ma.liin.ry.S.wiiiL'Mnchineí ilr '1 rurnlng, Kay-ltting así grtnd. Kei p ¦ irood as.""riment oí I , ;u d Tx 'li-, hidi wlll benold choap. No. 36 South Main Street,