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CHURCH DIRECTORY. Baptist Chnrch. Rgv. S. Haskell, Pastor. ,!,.t.-., 10ÜA. . and7Jt p. ¦. San li. Schnol ifter morning service. l'Uyvr moe Ing Thursday evening at 1% o'clock. Catholle Chnrch. Riv. Fathkr Fielk, Pastor. Lov Mus Si. u. Hieh Mass, 104 a. m. V espera p. m. Sun Jay School, SK P. M. Congrregational Chnrch. Kv. W. H. Rïdkr, Pistor. ith lerrtea. 10% a. a. and "1% p. m. 1 . .Hclioo! afier morning service. Prsyn mo iag Thursday evening at 7H o'clock. Episcopal Chnrch. Rkv. Wyllys Hai.t,. Rector. Sah) i!h Tvice, W+ a. m. aud 7K p. ¦ Sunday School, ÍX P. k. ¦¦ii.'iuii8;rvice8,Tliur8da evening at 1% o'clock. Germán Methodist Chnrch. Rev. C. Helwig, Pastor. Sabbath services, 10% a. m. and 1% r. m. y Scbool, at nine o'clock a. m. Pruyer lüooting on Wedneeday. Lutheran Chnrch. Kbv. Joh Neumanh, Pastor. S ibt ith services, 104 a. m. and "vt p. . Sand 11 Scho.)! after mornlnd service. Pruyer meeting, Thuraday eveniug at 7 o'ciock. .Hol hodlat Chnrch. Rbv. Ioun Ai.Aiu-rKit. í'.iátor. s ibbatb ¦ ' lce, 10'i . x. and 74 p. m. 1 aft er inornln? iorrice. 1 ! ?, Thursday evening at 7ü o'clock . Vj;ilc'a Meeün, Samrday 7 f. h. Presbyterian Church. Rv. Pbbd T. Buown, D. D., Pastor. Sabb iV4 a. . and74 P. m. SundySbaolnd biDleclaBsaftermorninR service l'r:ivr meaiini;, TUursciayevenlDg at 8 o'clock. . g Pojple's Meeting, Huudy evening K. Tiiitariiin Church. RïT. J. T. SUWDEBLiND, Pastor. :ihh;ii.i .rvicee, 10j a. m. and 7K p. m. Sunday School at 12 M. Students' Bible Classat 9:15 a. a. ion Lutheran Church. BlT. H. F. Belskr, Pastor. Sabbath Services at 10V4 a. h. and 7 P. a. 3 1 j I iv School imraediati'ly after mornlnu service. Ui'li'lóas services Wedocsday evening at 7o'clock. BUSINESS CARD8. 1 II i:KV R. HILL, ATTORNEYATLAW Real Estafe Uroker, AND IN8UIÍANCE AGENT. oppics : No. 1 Opera lloase Illork Ann Arbok, Mich. 795tl GEO. W. RENWICK, ƒ From the New Enland ƒ fcryof Mnsic, Boilon. IVarher tl ƒ Vocal and Instrumental Mumc and # ƒ Hánoony. ƒ Conductor of Musical ƒ ƒ (luns and evenlng classes. # I Privite lewom "II be given at # ƒ the resiiience if pupils. ƒ Addre-s P. O. Box 12(11, Ann ƒ Arlmr. . !WI-!ISO # WH. C'. STEVENS, M.I)., XPhysician anASnrfl[Bon sana, 33 Washington Street. Office Hourê-1 to 9 . m., 10:) a. ¦ ¦ to 13 .., 2 to 4, and 7 to 8 r. a. IttHdence-Xo. 10 Grove Street. MStf f JOHN L. BDBLEIG8, Attorney Counselor at Law. omci : Over Vatioiml Bank, la abbor. ƒ 7Mtf ƒ V W. H. JACKSON, Ydentista OOIoe ovrr ltali Abel'. sntrance by Firt National Bank.X 7:tf r. sobg, 1ÍOD8B, SiaM AND ObNAHEMTAL ƒ Paintkb. Paperlng, Glazing, Gilding, and work of every ƒ ƒ crlptlon done In the beet style. I ƒ Paints, Oils, and Varnlehes on 7 'land and for sale. Shop, No. 33 II Kast Washington Street, Ann ƒ f v -oor, Mlch. BOStf WILLMM 1IEKZ, HOUSE, SIGN, ORNAMENTAL FKESCO PAINTER. ?aperlng, Gla.lng, üllding and Calci linlng.and work or every decriptlooX Vmo mi the best ntyle, and warrantccA "L,'ivesati6facJion. Shop No. 4 WeetX XWashlngton Street, Ann Arbor.Mich.X y essif O. C. JENKIN'S, mmmTmTJ I OFFICE : No. 32 East Washington Street. Formerly oecupled by Dr. ƒ Frotliiugliam. ƒ - '.ls.ll f THE ANN ARBOR Savings Bank, Ann Arbor, llirlilgaa, P21AHSACTS 6ENERAL BANKIN5 BUSINESS, CAPITAL, $50,000. OrgtnlaM under the General Hanklng Law of Ihls am, th, are Indtvidually Muhle loran inui.miil iimiinnt eqnal t the stock held hy them örafH.'.ssïsrï? tana for the $100,000.00. Fnur ii.T c-.-iit. intci.Mt Is allowed on all I -ts ol on dollar and upwards. accord'Jlo the roles of the BanMndliiti-r.'st.-nipouiided e-ni a.inually. Money to loan on unlncnmlwred il efiiatu and other good securlty. ¦¦'c'nrt-Chrlitlan Mack, W. W. Wlnes, R. A. Beal William Deulicl, WjlMam D. Harrlman Daniel Hlscock, and Willard B. Smltb OflictTH: '"wiA Mack, Pres. W. W. Wines, Vlce-Prcs. Chas. E. Hiscocs, Caehler. _____ 915 960 Q.OTO WITÍANS & BERRY FOR IRIIOT TAILORING 'r the followinx reanons: Jjt. Onrwork l alMftt clase. :n i-h,. Ja} y Í" 'hi "lllv ""tllr '" ""' Sl"t who nioveï'ümi """ mu State. S: ZlXiïfr Kísawi. W1NANS & BEURY, Wioo No. 11 3outh Main Street, Ann Arbor iNTEDlssssT 'c"l''Ulu.,Boi40l13i.l,Ou„Ml 972-1013