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Manistee has uvcsted in a telephone exchange. The Traverse City electora voted themselves a bridge by a poll of 175 to 0. Jackson has the measles in full blooru, and in Leoni peach trees are ditto. The late gales have damaged the lake shipping terribly, several boats being total wrecks. East Sagioaw people are talking aboul investing in another school house to cost $20,000. Saginaw City has 1,(116 pupila in attendanco upon her schools. An increase over last year. Three Kivers people are petitioningtbeir council to place saloon-keeper's bond al $5,000 each. Saginaw is to have the next Northwestern regetta, upon the 23d, 24th and 25th, of next June. The contract bas been let for the erection of a mammoth hotel at Mt. Clemens, the same to cosl $24,000. Daniel O'Brien, of Summit, Jackson county, while on his way home April 8th, feil dead in his wagon. Sandford Keeler, superintendent of the F. & P. M. R. E,., has invented and got a patent on a new freight car. Prof. W. K. Kedzie, of Oberlin coilege, died at the home of his father, Prof. 11. C. Kedzie,".at Lansing recently. Rev. G. D. Lee, pastor of the M. E Church at Masón, has been obliged to resign his charge because of ill health. A tramp was shot dead while attempting to enter the store of Cutter Bros., at Nottawa, Tbarsday night of last week. Silas B. Gaskill, of Lapeer, has been appointed judge of the 6lh judicial circuit, vice Hen. A. C. Baldwin, resigned. The Mackinao división of the Michigan Centr! Railroad is to be extended trom Gaylcrd to the straits this summer. The red ribbon club of Eaton Rapids has built a large and expensive hall, and it is all piid for with the exeeption of $450. Tr. W. W. Gray, of' Pont;ac, quite a prominent citizen, died recently at Denver, Co'., whither he kadgone to recupérate. The workmen in the milis and factories, at Three Rivers have banded themselves together into a mutual benefit association. A weather prophet says that we are to have our winter snow between now and June. Said prophet very wisely suppresses In name. We have noticed but one county in the State reporting a majority in favor of the Oovernor's salary proposition. That was Iosco, 130. Mrs. Sally R. Street, aged 70 years, of Tyrone, Livingston County, died recently of a cáncer with which she had been troubled tbr '20 jours. Tbree Cheboygan boys ate of a poisonous root supposing it to be sweet flag., One of them has died and one other is in a very critical state. Richard Hewes, of Pennsylvania, an unmarried man, about 25 years of age, was drowned in Backus' creek, near Roscoui mon recently. Coal bas been discovered at Deep Iliver, near the north line of Bay County, in paying veins, it is stated, and a mine is soon to be opened up. Thos. Winsor & Co., of Port Austin, have let the contract for rebuilding tbeir salt block, the new one to be of 150 barrels per day eapacity. Two boys purloined somo $600 from the safe of the county treasurer, at Sandusky, Sanilac County and now the officials are in in 8earch of' them. Jas. F. Joy has sailed for Europe, it is saiu to secure the Great Western Railroad of Canada for the Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific Railroad Company. The Grand Rapids Lever, the temperanco paper of western Minima"' ¦¦ ru" over two vn, and lts cost has been $2,000 more itian its receipts. The Jackson high school numbered 150 students the past term, and will have 20 graduates from tho high class this year. More than ever before. Our bachelor Senator, Thos. W. Ferry, was surprisingly ungallant in ref using to address the fair graduates of the Kalamazoo female seminary in June. Some hard up paragrapher started the item thut East Saginaw had 286 fiquor saloons. An exchange indignantly denies it and asserts there are only 200. The Traverse City Herald says there are but two pigeon nestings in the United States this year. One is in Pennsylvauia, and the other is the one west of Traverse City. Sadie Bell, a little two year old daughter of George Seymour, of tast Saginaw, feil through a privy vault in a neighbor's yard, and was dead when found, one day last week. A movctnent is on foot at Kalamazoo to have an annual " children's day " Sundayschool exhibition, to occur in June, when all the Sunday school tcholars in the town will unite. Rev. J. W. Reed, the deposed preacher of Greenville, was tendered acomplimentary riception at the opera hall in Greenville rne evening last week, which netted him 262. lliram II. Hunter, of Pontiac, had two sons who were starved to death at Andersonville, and now thegovernment hasgiven the old man $1,500 anda pension of $8 per month. The Eaton Rapids Journal wants the people of that place to purchase new uniforms for their land so that they niay attend tho State bund tournament at Flint next June. Friday morning of last week the aaw mili, pUning mili, rake factory, shingle mili añil woolen factory, of Petersburgh, Monroe County, were burned to the ground. Loss about $3,000. The colored voters of Lansing have orgnnizcd a Republican club. The first of the kind in the State, we believe, for this campaiKii. They start out with 13 memben upon the ruil. A bald eagle was recently shot at Monteray, Allegan Co., measuring with wings spread 6 feet 8 inches aeross, and weighing 1 1 J pounds. It had brown body and wings, and while head and tail. l ] .ui. K. ('. Beaman, of Adrián, bu ieigned the office of Judge of Probate for l„'n;iwce County, beWOM of ill health, and the tíüvernor has appointed Hon. Nonnun Jeddes tj fill the vacancy. The annual report of the Detroit House of correction for 1879 shows the institution n excellent condition financialy, it turning over some $35,000 to the city treasury as a result of last year's operations. Agents for " Paisley Shawls," are said ;o be traveling through the rural distriets n the State swindling farmers' wives and others to the extent of about $20 on every sale effocted. Look out for them. Among other candidatos for the Dakota rovernorship made vacant by the death of :Ton. Wm. A. Howard, we notico that of ;Ion. Henry W. Lord, the present secretary of the state board of charities. I vice Prof. Holbrook, who goes to tli" I' coast for his hcalth. Another chapter in the infamous Addis case of Graud llapids, has been closed by the discharge of Addis, on the testimony of his man Blodgett, upon complaint of subornation of perjury. Addis ought now to swear Blodgett clear. Cari Dusbibicr, a Gorman 69 years of age, was found in his room at the residí nee ot' his son in East Saginaw, hanging by the neck, üfe being extinct, Tuesday of laat week. Despondenoy caused by i ï 1 health, the only reason for the suicide. Hon. John W. Glennie, of Oscoda, vras killed April lTth, by the bursting of a cannon, fired with a view of throwinu ¦ line to the crew of the wrecked schooner "Chris. Grover." The crew were tinally saved by the Tawas life-saving boat aud crew. Chas. II. Wonnen, an agent for a Chicago house, was injured in a smash up on the Grand Trunk road, at the Junction, near Detroit, about four years ago. He sued the compaoy for damaes, and the newspapers state that he hasjust buen awarded $45,000. Prosecuting Attorney, R. J. Haire, of Jackson county, has instituted prooeedings against Jennie L. Marvin, in consequence of the late suit against him for professional misconduct, sho having been the cause of his prosecution. $15,000 damages are what he wants. At the recent town meeting in Tittabawassee, Saginaw County, it was uiumimously voted tocompel the boom company to clear the jam of logsout of the ri ver, and to hereafter use only one-half uf thcstreaui, allowing the water to take its natural course, and to resort to legal procesa if necessmy. A heart-rendingtale comes from Saginaw bayonthe 17th inst. Joseph Brashan attempted to cross the bay frotu Little Quauicasse river in his fishing suiack, wiih his family on board, and 1 i tons of fish as freight. When out about two miles lbo boat was foundered, and befara reaching shore his two little boys died of exhaustion. The Midland Independent givea the particulars of the demolishing of a house at Swan Creek, in , Midland Co., and the notice to leave the viciuity given one VA. Murray, and a woman named Dancy, who insisted upon living together uolawf'ully. Some foity citizens were engaged in the raid. Geo. Francia, a colored man, was found murdered, his head all chopped up with an ax, and his body thrown in the ditch by the side of the railroad track, near the D. & M. crossing, some five miles out of Detroit, on Thursday morning last. His wife and her alleged paramour have been ¦ od upon duIuuu, A novel manner of catching fish was indulged in on the north branch of the White river, Oceana county, the other day. The fishermen fixfcd the dam so tight that all water was kept aboye. By so doing the fish below were left without water and were easüy captured. Many a fine large pickerel was landed on the bank?. The Three Rivers News-Reporter speaks of receiving from a St. Joseph county farmer of a sample of nice, white sugar made of sorghum, the grain and flavor of which is good. [Whilo not disputing the statement, just out of curiosity we should like to see anything made out of sorghum cane not retaining the sorghum flavor. ] According to the Sentinel they have the ' ' boss ' ' lot of girls at South Haven. Listen to what that paper says: "The South Haven girls can outcook, outwash, outsweep, outwork, outdance, outplay on the piano, outwalk and surpass in every way all other towns on this east shore. Put that down your throat and chokc with it if you want to." Hillsdale county voted on a proposition to build a new jail at the recent elections. Result: yes, 2,782; no, 2,979 ; majority against, 197. The crimináis of thal county will have to put up with the old accommodations for a time yet. If they get too high toned over it, they can be promoted to Detroit, Ionia, or Jackson, at county expense. A lad named Andrew Gilboe is charged by the Alpena County Pioneer as attempting to forge a cheok on the bank of Geo. L. Maltz of that place, but was caught by Mr. Maltz before the same was cashod. Another check for $90 was found on his porson, also pronounced spurious. Evidently being novice in crime, Judge Tuttle gave him a light sentence. According to the fbllowing from the Adrián Times there is at least one tenderhearted daughter in that city : A young lady who carne in recently to advertisc for kilchen help said with a sigh and a wring of' her dainty gloved hands, "Oh ! I do hope we'll getonesoon. For it does almost break my he'art to sec niother wash dishes, with her rheumatism, too." The dailies of April 18th give the elopement of Mrs. Ida Newkirk with James Kerrick, both of Norris, near Detroit, Mrs. Newkirk is the daughter of Col. V. P. Norris, Superintendent of the Yellowstone National Park. She is 2'. years old and leave.s two young children. Kerrick is 35, formerly a travelling agent, and leaves his wife with thrce children. Prof. Geo. L. one timo teftoh' er of articulatiou in the school for the deaf, dumb, and blind, at Flint, but latterly ui Lockport, N. Y., died in the latter plactB on the 4ih iust. He was highly esteemjB wherever known, possessed excellent abilityfl truo nunlinnni. and was honest and uprighH in everything. His loss is mourncd bw many ; his memory a sweet incensé. "The Kalamazoo asylum for the insaniB is reported in a very flourishing condition!B The whole number of' patienls under treatï ment amount to about 700. Some 14 bavol been discharged wcekly for the past forti night, which is an unusujl numbor, and thel nstitu'ion has not received a male patientH since the I2tfa day o!' Mareh, beiog the long-B est space of time which has ever intervinedH without the asylum receiving a single rualël case of insanity for treatment. "