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Chicago expeets 20,000 visiting Knights Templar on the 17th of August ncxt. Kobt. G. Ingersoll haring been reported as a Grant man, denies the eame, and saya he ia for Blaine, first, last, and all the time. TCvery democratie state convention sofar, has sent Tilden delegatea to Cincinnati. Those free rooms at the hotels, you know, are for that kind of delegates. The famoua Russian diplomat, Prince GortschakoflF, now 82 years old, s reported as in an extreinely critical state of health. He has been over 50' years in the service of the Czar. The Chicago Times has centracted for 100 tons of printing paper with a Montreal firni. The American combination renders foreign paper cheaper even after paying the outrageous tariff. Hart, the colored pedetrian, recently won a six days' go-as-youplease contest in New York, and pocketed $17,000 for his week's work. He made 565 miles. Who vrouldn't be a walkist atsuch a salary? Two sons of Sir William Gladstone have been elected to Parliament, Herbert and William. During the entire candidacy of Herbert, in MiJdlesex, hia sister Mary kept li i ni company, attending all the meetings. The bill known as the Weaver bill, to equalize soldiers' pay, or in other words to pay to the sojdiers in the late war the differeDce between greenbacks and gold for the time they were in service, failed to pass the house by a vote of 85 for, to 117 against, 90 not voting. The King of Italy has done one commendable act at least. When the Kbedive of Egypt appealed to him for the protection of his harem, he was told by the King that in Italy they recognized no such institu. tion, and that all his women could go and come as they pleased. The 9th anniversary of the woman's Baptist missionary society of the west was held in Detroit last week, commencing April J4(h. Delegates were present from Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, etc. $14,380.11 had been received for missions, and $18,482.25 expended. Wm. H. Vanderbilt has purchased government four percent, bondsto theatnount of $51,000,000, and intends to add several millions more as soon as he can turn a few minor investments'of his. What'sthe use of acting hog%ish aboutit? Give theltothsi-liihls, Belinouts, etc., a show. The " blood and iron " rule of Bismarck, in Germany, and the enf'orcement of the new army bill, is drivÍDg from their fatherland thousands of Gormaos cvery week. For the weekending April llth, over 6,000 etnigrants from that nation arrived upon our sbores, uiany of them being skilled Würkiurn. The very latest respecting the democratie clainiant is the report that a consultation of physicians have agreed that it would be itnpossible for him to go through another campaign, even if the cypher farce should be omitted from the play. In consideration of this adviceit isstated that Henry Payne, of Cleveland, has been selected hy him as heir to the " throne." At the recent State election in llhode Island, there were four tickets in the field republican, democrat, greenback, and prohibition, and though the republioan candidate received a pluraüty of some 4,000 votes, it was not a majority over all, and the legislature, wliicli is laigely republican, will have to elect the officers. Such state laws, it 8eems to us, ought to be obsolete. An exchange slanders Chicago girls by asserting that three of them have volunteered to marry the bigamist, Clarence Davis, and that he declined with thanks. Now we don't believe it. If any such volunteers had offered, Davis would have procured a Chicago lawyer to get him out of jail on a writ of habcas corpus, secured a Chicago divorce from each of his other wives in a few. liourti time, and married them all. It ie aslander upon Dmm' abilities in the marrying line to have such an tem in circulation alsO. The title of the paper published in tho interest of the JMaseachusetts society for the prevention of cruolty to animáis, is "Our Dunib Animáis," and the motto: " We speak for thoso who (?) oannot npeak for themselvep." Now the question nuggests itself, ia the animal " who" Baalam rode once upon a time, included in tlio above ? There is a tradition that ho once sj.oke for his niaster. Hon. E. L. Clark, of Adrián, has recently given liberally of bis wealth to build up his city. A few days ago he gave $5,000 toward securing the State reform school for girls, and still later subscribed $10,000 toward securing the much talked of Butler railroad project. The latter subscription must make some of the Detroit solid men, who ought to be more largely interestéd in the project, feel just a Hule peculiar. Bishop Nestor, of the Greek chuirh, stationed in Alaska, bas sent a messenger to President Haycs, asking that the Russianspeaking inhabitants of that country be not overlooked by the United Statea government. The prelate places their number at about eight thousand, and suggests that, as they are quite ignorant and unable to speak English, mensures should be taken to fit them by education for the duties of self-government. The sum of $80,000 ia asked for by a committee of Harvard College, consisting of Proff". A. Gray, Geo. L. Goodale, and Alexander Agassiz, the purpose being to place the " Harvard Botanio Garden upon a su ilición t and independent foundation." $25,000 have already been raised. Our eastern colleges are dealt liberally by, in individual subscriptions, but our western universities have to depend entirely upon the state for all such aid, or go without. Merely to show how peoplo can rise in this nation of ours, providing they have the "rise" in them, ii. is stated that 25years ago Prof. Sumner of Yale college, was a poor clerk in a Hartford dry gooda store. But his taste for literary pursuits were too strong to be resisted. So he went to college, first 4o Yale, but graduating at Oxford. Now he has taken a stand as one of the faculty of Yale which defies the authorities of the college, respecting his adherence to Herbert Spencer. The Iowa convention voted to instruot its delégales for Blaine in the national convention, by a vote of 715 to 152. The Iowaians were certainly commendable for their singlencss of purpoEe, and unity. Our learned friends in Massachusetts were sadly divided in opinions, even the Edmunds party, which was largely in the ascendency, being divided. Tbey are asbitter in opposition to Blaine as they are to Grant, and by such opposition are materially aiding the nomination of the latter. A bilí Las passed the house which appropriates $1,000,000 annually as a naval construction fund. It is tn he pmployeü in gradually building up our navy, and adding modern ships, to be armed with modern guns. The present Congressshall have the credit of doing one sensible thing in its longcontinued session, if this bill should pass the Senate and become a law. Our navy amounts to nothing in its preseut condition, and in the event of war with a foreign nation our harbors would be practically unprotectod. Tbe navy certainly needs building up. The Irishmen of the country are bezinning to inquire why they should vote the democratie ticket so unaniínously. As a result they find that party in tlje past have been directly opposed to many of the interesta of the poor man, and as a consequence Irish clubs are being organized in different sections and declare their iotention of voting hereafter without regard to the dictations of the democratie party. One club in Porter county, Indiana, numbers250 members. Without the suppoit of the Irishmen of the land where will the democracy be?