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Monda; evening, April 18th, the council niet puraaaot to adjorunroent. Upon tho calling of the roll all of the members answered to their nauies. Mayor Kapp, upon taking the ehair.said hat the business was new to hiin, as was he position of a presiding officer, and he ïoped tö have the assistance of the council, espccially of the older meiubers. He trusted that all would move forward harmonimsly and the ycar be a plea.-ant one to all he merabera of' the council. After the reading of the minutes of the )revious meeting, Aid. Besitner njoved liat an informal ballot be taken for the oficc of city marshal, the recorder to act as eller. Carried. ïlie result of such ballot was : John O. Johnson, 14; total, 14. Declared elected. Aid. Hutzel moved that un informal balnt be taken for the office of city attorney. VM. Besimer sugtfested the name of' E. D. íinnie for such position, and Aid. Martin, the name of' J. 0. Knowlton. The result of the informal ballot was: J. C. Knowlton, 8 ; E. D. Kinnie, G ; total, II. A formal ballot was then taken which gave J. C. Knowlton 11, E. D. Kinnie 3, and the former was declared unanimously 'locted. Aid. Ferdon moved thatan informal balot be taken for the office of city treasurcr. Jarried. The result : O. F. Webster, 8; Wm. A. Clark, 6 ; total, 14. A formal was then taken resulting in 1 1 votes fbr Webstar and 3 for Clark. The ibrmer was then declared elected. Aid. Fordon moved an informal ballot Por three memliors of the board of health, :o suceeed Drs. Oeorge, Breakey, and Kapp, each ballot to coutain three naines. Darried. The ballot was then taken and resulted : Dr. V. F. Breakey, 11; Dr. George, 10; Dr. II. C. Allen, 9; Dr. P. W. O'Toole, 6 ; E. B. Gidley, 5; Dr. O'Neil, 1 ; total, 42. Upon motion of Aid. Ferdon the three bighest were declared elected. The mayor then announced the standing committees for the year, as follows: t'iiitmrr- Aids. Keech, Martin, and Kelloge. mmiUéé -Aids. Besimer, Verdón, Hfss, Plenalng, M&thewBon, Marti, aits- Aids. KHredge, Kellogg, McOmber. General Fuiul- Aids, IIutze.1, Ferdon FlemIng. PoUct Alda, Fleminc, Kilredge, Hutzei. Liceimr --Tlio Mayor, Kecorder, Aids. Ferdon, Thoinps'ju. Upon motion of Aid. Hutzel the followtnmittee was added, upon Fin Department- Aid. Martin, Keecli, Kellogg. i) motion o!' Aid. Bcrimer a committec was appointid to settle with tho retiring city treuurer, P. D. Woodruff, conig of Aids. Ilutzcl, Keech, and the recorder. Aid. Besimer moved that the city treasurer, recorder and marshal be requested to give bonds, in the usual amounts, to be approved at the next meeting of the council. Carriod. Aid. Keech offered the following which was carried : riiat iii aaoouDta agalnril the oonneil iiuist be praaented the Fitday precedlug thfl meeting ol uie oouocll. Aid. Keech moved that a eoinmktce be appointed to examine the bilis ofexmayor Siuith, and chief engineer C B. Davison, for traveling expenses in purchasing an engine, and if found correct to draw warranta for tho same. Carried, and Aids. Keech, Ferdon and Ross appointed as such committee. A petition was received and rcad from Harvey CornweH, and seven others, asking for a street lamp on Lawrence Street. EUferrud to general fund committee. The saloon bonds business was then taken up. Aid. Besimer moved that they be fixed at $Ü,öOO. Aid. Keech moved to amend, Qxïi.i' thüfianie as last yoar. Carried. I ie saloon bondl of '(.'luis. Hinder, lor $1,500, with Frederlck Bohmld umi Chiistlan Walker, as surety; of Jolm 1). Helnrloh, for fliiiu, witti Adam Sryler and L. (iruner as suroty; and of Clias, K. Haiiscr, fur 2,0U0, wlth Jolin Harree and A. 1). Keyler ns surety, were roceived and referred to city altorney. The constable bondsoj U;ts. Koylan. vy CllOS. Sjioor anil Nelsun SntUfiland, as .surety ; of Paul Schall, surety, Mosea beabolt and David Rlnsey: Tuos. (Marken, snrity, Kitson and Qeo. Merken; Dudlev J. FjOomls, snrely, Nelson Sutherland aml l'Iilli. l'.ach ; EU s. Manly, sniity, Clias. H. llanly and L. Grnner; E, B. Oidley. surety, A.M. Doty and W. Thomas, were received aud reierred to city attorney. The attention of the sidewalk committee was called to numerous detective walks in various parts of the city. By Aid. Hutzel : That the rules of the former council be adopted for the guidance of the present body. Adopted. By Aid. Keech : That 100 copies- afterward ohanged to 50 - of the rules be printi d for the use of the council. Carried, and tho recorder ordered to let the printing to the lowest bidder. Council then adjourned.