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Fcver mul Agve May bo thoroughly cured by the use ol "ClNTHO-QülNlNE," a new preparation i'rom l'eruvian Bark. The dose is the ame as Sulphate Quininc, and-its febrifuge, tonie and anti-periodic effect is more pronounced. Withal it is cheaper, bcing sul 1 by druggists at $1.50 per ounce, or sent, postage paid, for hanie prico, by BiLlinos, CiiAPP & Co. , Manufacturing Chemuts, Boston, Mass. We Can't Talk Without thowiog tho condition of our teeth. Eren laogh esposes them. In order not to bc ashamed of them let us use that sinuilail dentifrice, SOZODONT, whioh is rara to keop them whito and spotless. No tartar can encrust them, no canker affect the enamel, no species of dernv bfest the dental booe, if SüZODONï is k iiularly used. It is a botanical preparation, and t.s bonefioial effects on the teeth and guuii are njarvelous, as it removes all discoïöratioos, and renders tho gums hard and p 980 984 Thcy Work Togothrr. Whea your systcm gets out of tune and you feel completely worn out, it is pretty oertak that you noed a medioine to act on botli the Kidneyi and liver for these important orgaos work together in freeing the fystcm of its waste, and kceping up the tono. Then take Kidnoy-Wort, f'or tliis is just what it does, lor it is both diurctic and eatliartic. Soience in the service of the housekeeper bas produced the beautiful, [mre, harm)¦', illicilllt A.MKU1CAN BALLÜl.l K fot ihe lauudry. 982-985 ÜOR 8ALE OR RENT. 1 HOrSE AM) TWO LOTS, In the second wrd, one block from Main ttrect, Knquiro of !)t-9(M ('. KITSON. AFAll.M WANTKÜ. llolng frooi CO lo 200 acres of cultiva ir Aim Arbor, or rallwaj Kstlon, I. bul Ihi; WhOle .'imounl ol pur Ln iitl on dtüivory ol property. l vl I Iilüiy or credit pnce, lie itU'nlion. In ol ¦¦! i-. Bbinctor oi IvutloD. nnuiber itnd kindn , condltiou cr baildlog, and e, (uil deon ol tbe piupeny, taA stan; tba IowmI Mah prlee per acre. Ad-.itely. W. R. .!., cara 1'. 0. bo 16, Aun Arbor, Mich. "POU SALE. I a -oud F MILL of four run of lul I vil -11 "i cxchstige for property In 'Hinty. 9041 f KI CE A. BKAL. UUR SALE. A Farm of twentj Uvulllnjt ne nik' irom tity c:ty limit. Bnqolrt )¦ At TUK C'OÜKIER OF1 Ta AdvcrtUer. Tus Am Akkok l'ouhjkb lui doublé the Olrcuiatluu of uny otlier paper puljlinliud ln !io