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A Morn Of Sunshine--a Night Of Storm

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VOLTAIRE, HUMK, INUERSOLL, of France. of England. of America. Query : May a North Michigan Picket have the ear of' Young America in a brief talk as to the " unconsidered trifles" that caused threo youths to trip and lose their hearings? I. Voltaire of Franco. - It is related of Voltaire that when a boy he committed to meinory an infidel poem, which influenced and blasted bis whole future lite, making hiin an invetérate foe to Christianity, tin finally he made his boast that wliat the twelve Apostles of Jcbus had laborcd tn build uji, he, tingle handed, would pull down and destroy. Mark the result: The room where he wrote out that boast afterwards becauie a depository of Bibles to enlighten France. In the course of bis life this brilliant Frenchman wrote seventy volumes, including philosopby, poetry and religión, but at the close ot' his checkered career, behold him utter the sad wail : " I wwk !¦ I had never been born - I am abandoned of God and man." II. Hume of England. - Let us now cross the Knglish Channel and note an inideut in the boyhood of Hume. We find that when a lad Hume enterad into a debate in favor of' infidelity, and that debate seemed to settle hfs mind on the side of the illogical principies of infidelity. In sonie respeots Hume in after years wrote wi.-üly and well upon histories, etc. Happy had he stopped then. Having destroyed his mother's trust in the Bible, on her dying bed she sent for David to oome and contole her with his philosophy - a poor staff for a dying pilgrim to lean upon. Finally, death stared the proud infidel in the face, and he makes this mournful remark, "I am affrighted and cont'ounded at the solitude of my philosophy." llow unspeakably sad, in early life, to "sow to the wind and to reap the whirlwind." III. Col. Bob. of America. - "The evening crowns the day." While wc eannot 'ully estimate a soluier in wild career, we enquire ae to the teudency of the part that las liecome history. Itissaid: "The pebble in the streamlet scaDt, Has turned the course In many a rlver. A (lew drop on the buby plant, Has warped the glant oak lorever." Iiob's boyhood. - According to h6 own showiDg, the boyhood of young Ingersoll rebelleu or chafed undcr toe reetraints of the Kabbath or the sanctuary. The Mistake.- The prayers and the rod of correction failed in bringing Bob. to 'delight in the Sabbath." That " little corner in the human heart that vibratea to cindness" seemed untouched in the purianic discipline, and Bob. was unlike the ittle Scotch boy, whose heart overflowing with love to Jesus, cried out, "Oh, we ïave had a bonnie Sab-day. " Moody. - Moody soinewliere tells of a Chicago boy that so loved hin oíd mbsion school, that when his father moved live miles away, thc lad inNÍetcd on going past brty Sabbath schools to his own school, ' where they love a teller so." Mistakes. - Good men, great men as well as others, oft fail to turn and luad those hey love in " wisdom's safe and pleasant laths." James. - The wise Doctor Beatie asked lis little son James to a walk in the garlen, and soon they carne to a little bed whero the seed had been so íowa that when the green symbols sprang up they pelled the name of' the lad. " How is this, papa? "Oh, they carne up by chance and hapened to spell my boy's name." " No " said the delighted boy, "someody meant to have my name spelt there." Now let us Huppose Bob's father had ta;en him to the garden soine Sabbath afteroon, and Bob. asks why the nursery man uts and trims the tender trees and buds nd grafts? Saya the farther : " Those trees by nature ear bitter and wortbless fruit, and must ie budded and grafted. with better stock, o Bible lands the wild olive has to be rat'ted with good olive. Moses. - Moses for one mistake was not llowed to lead the children of Israel into I the earthly Canaan, but was permitid to have a sort of panoraoiic view of it from Mount Pisgah. Paul.- Paul at the evening of his life, shouted: "I have fought a good fight," and joyfully looked forwarded to hts coronation day. Methodist Divine.- An old Methodist on one occasion said : ' ' Our peonle die well." AH die well that sleep in Jesus. Doctor NelsoD - Doctor David Nelson drifted joto iañdelity and skepticisin, but in reading infidel books, with an honest mind, he discovered that infidel writers fal.sified history, and he forwith renounoed his skeptitism and was a burning and ahining light thereafter in its denunciation. Benzonia, Mich.