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Adrián has a bonded dobt of $30,000. Croswell is to have a new griat mili 32x40, with four run of stone. Brighton has a new paper, the Argus, Ches. E. Placeway, proprietor. Muaic has been made a special bianch of instruction at tbc Alpena schools. Tliere are 334 pupils in attendance uon the unión school of Eaton napias. Morí. Peler White and family, of Mar quette, have returned f'roni Europe. A veteran member of the Lenawee county bar, M. N. Hal.sey, died at Adrián on the 21st inst. The public schools of Farwell have beoo closed because of the prevaieuce of diphtheria in the place. Flint has anothor now papor, tho Thur.sday News, publishcd by V. H. Swan, 20x20, five columna. Something over $4,000 has been raiaed for an Episcopal chape!, to be erected on Grant street, tíay City. Families multiply so rapidly at Vassar that a new school building is needed to accomuiodate the children. The scnii-annual meeting of the Michigan Uniturian conference will be held in Kalauiazoo the 17th, 18th and 19th of May. Tbe Lowcll Journal thinks that an amendment to reduce the governor's salary from $1,000 to $500 would carry hy a large majority. The Michigan Central railroad s puttin indicators in its way cars which show every mile made by the train and the time it was made in. The Tuscola County Pioneer reporta more logs coming down the river, at V'assar, than ever before, notwithütandiiiK tho unfavorable season. Last week Wednesday Charles Summcrs, of Flint, attempted suicide Ijy cüTtiug bis throat, but failed to tuake the gash deep enough. We i.s evidently insane. The officers of the Grand Rapids & Indiana railroad are seriously considering the advisability of extending the road froui Petoskey to the straits of Mackinaw. The Methodist church and adjoining sheds were burned at Grandville last week Thursday, caused by careless boys playing with fire. Loss $3.000, insured for $1,000. Chas. S. Brown, of Flint, has been elected colonel of the 3d regiment, M. S. T., in the place of Col. O. F. Lockhead, Fifty-two ballots were cast before an cltu tion was effected. The state school for indigent children at Coldwater will receive no inore children until the measles are through blossoming at that place. Supt. Alden tbinks ho has all he can couveniently care for. A heavy fire at Paw Paw, on tho night of April 23d, destroycd property t the amount of $35,000, and twothirds of one of the best business blocks in the city. The total insurance amounts to $28,700. Another county rash enough to vote an increase of the Governor's salary bas been heard from. The Benzie County Journal reports the vote in that county: 238 for; i 220against; leaving a majority of 18 in its i favor. Mrs. M. E. Clarkson, for the past five ' and one-half years in charge of the hos' pitáis at the institution for the deaf and dumb and the blind, at Flint, has resigned ' her position to take care of her aged ! mother. i Mr. Elihu L. Clark, the riehest man in ' Adrián and the donor of $10,000 to the ' Butler project, gives an annual banquet to all the printers in the city, in honor of nis son Cassius, who was a prÍDter by profesi ston and was killed in tbe late war. I A bilí has been ntroduced in the U. S. ' senate, by Senator Baldwin, and referred to the proper conimittee, providint; for the c purchase of a site, and the ereotion of a f lighthouse and for feignal at or ueav the ' entraoee of Little Traverse harbor. '¦ ' ¦¦ i - MMM4 Ji uvviuii ildVO Or ganized an association and employed bui tu ruiHCM, me present siate law taxing their business, on the ground it is in the nature of a license aud the state conttitution expressly forbids saloons being licen.sed. Dennis Lyon, a faithful p )lice qfficer of Adrián, was shot, last Saturday night, by one D. F. Aiken, a noted rough, while at tempting to arrest him for disturbing the peace. The murderer has been arrested and jailed. Lyon was well liked, and leaves an invalid wife, whose grief is said to be pitiful. Friday niglit of last week a party of young men went to tho house of Tunis Miller, near Corunna, to charivari a newly married daughter of Miller' s. Thoy were indecent in their conduct, and Isaac Miller, brother of the bride, went out and entreated them to desist, when one of the rowdies attaoked him. Miller drew a revolver and shot his assailant dead. The Port Austin News says the surveyors of the Port Hurón Sí Northwestern railroad are at work in Iluron county, and will reach Port Austin in a few day.-. It is expected that the road will be couipleted to Port Austin the present summer. The larger portion of the bonus has been raised, and when the other loealities subscribe the amount required tlio work of building the road will go forward rapidly. The pigeon roost extends from tho big marsh on the Betsey river to the Platte river, north, bcing fifteen miles long and from four to eight miles wide, the nest ing place containing about 100 square miles of territory. It is the largest roost and contains the largest body of' pigeons ever seen in the state. Millions more are coming across the lako to tho roost or ita viciniiy, daily. As has been said, the nearest way to reach it by rail, is vin. Traverse City, and hunters by scores are pouring into that country. An unu.sual amount of exciteiuent has existed in Allegan for the past week or so, over the suïcide of Kiuuia Ort, who drowned herself on the 18th. It tpptftn that she was a quiet, pretty girl, who had lived upoii % farm unlil within a short time; that she had becomo the viutim of a lellow nauied Smitli, with whoui she atayed in a barber shop Sunday night, from where she went direetly to the river and drowned herself. Her body was recovered the fbllowing Thursday. The fceling against Smitn is intense, and may yet result in violonee. This is the kind of town Alponn -: "Alpena is tho most active and stirring eity in northern Michigan. It haa nota vacant store that is at all fit to do anv busincs ia, not a dwelling house vacant that is at all fit to rent, not a man idle that wants en ployment, ilmost if not quite, every foot of luiuber on the doek sold, and overy cedar post and railroad tic sold or contractcd for, every mili fitted up to fullest eapacity so as to koep things hummiug, and if Alpena does not experienoo the liveliest season it has ever passed through these ndlMÜOlU count for nothing. The new state reform school for girls, the commission for which recently voted to lócate the same in Adrián, bids fairto soon beoome a reality. The committee appointed for the purposo are at work, and ' act as if thoy meabt business. The Iocation ia about one ruilt! nortli of Adrián, consista of' 4() aeren of land, which rises sufficiently to afford a pleasant view of the city and surrounding country. The river Ilaisin flows upon one de of the site, affording gond water supply and drainage facilities. The land is a portion of wbat is known as the Stone and Mcddick farm, and it is on the highway between Adrián and Tecuuiseh. There íh a beautiful grove of 15 aerea sitúate upon it, and the city of Adrián are to expend $3,000 in ornamenting the proundri- which will be found a uiere drop in the bucket, whcn it comes to be expended.