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Whatever else Hayes' adtninistration may have accoinplished, it has solidified the ranks of the republican party ; and by throwing the olive branch to the southern people, which they have spurned and spit upon, has oonvinced many democrats that thcir Bympathy for the south was entirely misplaced. The southerners to-day scorn the northern " Yanks " as they do theevil one himself, and several generations will have to oome and go beforetheir oontempt tbrfreedom andfree institutions will die out. The old hatred burns as intonsely in their breasts as it did when the boys in blue wcre being starved and persecuted with such devilish cruelty in Andersonville. Libby, Florence, Saulsbury, and other of the prison pens. The same spirit which then persecuted our soldiers is now persecuting every colored man in the south, and every northern man who may have sought a home there and possessod the temerity to cxpress his sentimenta. This cry of fostering and engendering sectionalism which is flung with such fierceness at the republican party ; this great bug bear in democratie ejes which they term the "bloody shirt," is not the reault of northern hatrec nor northern intoleranoe. It is the rcsult o the sectionalism of the south. It is an answer baok to them that this union, for which so many risked their lives and which was purchased so dearly, through their treachery, will be upheld let oome wha will. Talk about sectionalism 1 The south is a hot-bed of it. It is nourished by he congressmen, it is talked by her senators it is the one thing on which the soutli prides tself. And for these men to how about the " bloody shirt," is like satan re buking sin. Take away the southern "bloody shirt," and the northern one wil soon fade to a pure white.