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The general conference of the M. E Church mfiets to-day. Prof. Seelye, of Amherst oolleite, is a del cgate at large from Massachusetts to tha Chicago convention. Robert Lincoln seoms to be the coming man in Chicago politics. He is 37 years o age, and is said to resemble his illustriou father in charaoter. A woman suffrage mass meeting, to be held at the same time of the national repub lican convention in Chicago, has been callee by Elizabeth Cady Stanton. The democrats don't liko Mr. Omar D Conger, of this State. They cannot be greatly blamed for this, for he has been an( still is a bad tborn in their side. Gen. Stuart has had twobattles with th Afghans in India, recently, each time de feating them with heavy loss. This, it i thought, virtually eudd the campaign, and subdues Afghanistan. ,. A bilí has been introduoed in Congress imposing an enormous tax upon oleomar garine, or imitation butter, and containin stringent regulations respecting its manu facture. It will practically tax it out of ex istence. Macon, Miss., was visited by a eyelon last Sunday night, almost entirely destroy ing the place, killing eighteen persons out right, and wounding upwards of fort $150,000 to $200,000. The Hurd bill to prevent the Canadia railways carrying any American freight has been reported favorably from the com mittee, but it is thought will not pass. ] is an unjust measure, and involves man; poiiits in international law. Thos. Hendricks kecps on declining th nomination for the vice-presidency, whic no one has offered him. He never wi have an opportunity to decline the nomin ation for anything higher. He reachec the zenith of his fame in 1876. Dennis Kearney, who was sentenced t the house of correction in San Francisco recently, endeavored to get out of duranc vile on a writ of habeas corpus, but th court denied the same, and he was sen back to prUon to serve out his sentenoe. John Kelly says if " Tilden is the onl man the democratie party hopes to wi with, that party isn't fit to live twenty-fou hours," and the N. Y. Tribune takes step fartber and says, " it isn't fit to liv twenty-four hours any way. " But the the Tribune is perhaps a little prejudicec on that point. Chas. De Young, of the San Francisco Chronicle, who sometime last fall, itwill b remembered, endeavored to kill Rev. I. Ê Kalloch. then candidato for mayor of tha city, paid with his life for the folly Friday the 23d inst., bc-ing shot dead while in hi ofifice by I. M. Kalloch, a son of tb mayor. The murderer has been impris oned. Wm. II. Kerable, Emil J. Potroff, Chas B. Salter, Jessie B. Crawford, and Wm. F Rumberger, membere of the Pennslyvani legislature, were cach sentenced to pay fine of $1,000 and to one year's imprison ment at hard labor and solitary confine ment, last Monday, at Harrisburg, b Judge Pearson. The crimo charged wa corruption in offieo. James MoMillan, of Detroit, the presen efficiënt chairman of the republican Stat central oommittee, publishes a letter in recent issue of the Adrián Daily Times, i which he positively declines a re-election t the position. His private business, togethe with his intorest in the completion of th Marquotto & Maukinac R. R., makes th declination imperative. Oregon inatruoted her delegation fo Blaine as did also West Virginia; Missour and Kentucky instructed for Grant, whil Georgia has undoubtedly equally dividec her delegation betweon the two candidates Ohio held her convention yesterday m .sent 54 delegates, of whioh Sherman i known to have 46 and Blaine claims cight The same day South Carolina instructe for Grant. The Arkansas convention ad journed over to Thursday. Gladstone has been invited by the queen o form a cabinct and once more take tho eins of government. The groat liberal eader will bc found a different man from lis predecesaor, Disraeli, and England's wn peoplo will receive aome attention, robably, while the aggressive foreign poliy will be discontinued. The people move low but with a fírm and steady tread. The British government through Lord lalisbury, has refused to recognize thejusioe of the American claims in the Fortune Jay case where the United States fishermen were driven from tho grounds, conrary to the last treaty. Some papers are n favor of a eomplete abrogation of the rcaty, whilo others seem willing to submit to arbitration, but nealy all agree that the government must do something about it. " A man convinoed against his will, is of ho same opinión still," isapplicable to the poople of the south. They were not willngly convinoed of the injustice of slavery, and so now, fifteen years after the war has closed, we find them endeavoring to enslave the colored people of the south by he cruel chain-gang system, and prison cns as terrible as devilish ingenuity oan contrive. The sla ves were freed, but to be re-enslaved in a more cruel and heartlesa way by their old masters. If the southern people are as dove-like and docile as the democratio papers would have us believe, why in the name of all that is great and good don't they send proper representativee to Congress ? Aside from Alex. Stevens, of Georgia, the spinal column of these southern membersfly up in a cat-like curvature if a republican even refers to the southern people of 16 or 18 years ago as rebels in arms. They should send men to properly represent their pacific natures. They should also do away with the chaingang system, and stop shooting men for boing republioans. We are glad to see the papers of the state taking the right stand upon receiving back into the ranks of the party those who may have gone astray in search of false gods, or those dmocrats who may have become tired of southern domination at Washington. There is an old and trite savine that " a wise man may change his mind, butafool, never," and it is as applioable in politics as in anything. While those who have clunj? to their party through a lifetirae should be honored for their adherenoe and firmness, no less honor should be given to those who have thrown aside their prejudices- and prejudice goes far in politics- looked upon the field dispassionately, and have seen and acknowledged wherein they were wrong. If a man changes his party affiliation from honest and sincere motives he certainly deserves umch credit for the act