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The Ann Arbor Courier

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FRIPAyTaPRIL 30. 1880. Cloalng mi J OpentaK ot IHall. Mails leavlng Ann Arbor, East and Wt, wlll close a follows : QOIIfO WKST. Wav Mali - 8:S0 mn.rougb and Way Mali 10:50 a. mand 4:50 p. m. i-ay Mali betweeu Ann Arbor and Jackson ......4:50 p.m. „lilcago and beyond - .i p. m. ooino ast. rïXPÏÏSWMiiiïSS rf8 - KaHtern Mails dlstrlbnted at 8 and 10 a. m.. 12 in. and 6:30 p. m. Western Mali dtstributed at 8:80 p. m. Chicago Mali distrlbuted at 8 a. m. laclan Mali and Way Mali bet ween Jack,on and Ann Arbor dlstrlbated at 11 a. m. Mali ty Toledo Rallroad close at 11:10 a. m. Toledo Rallroad Mali distrlbuted at 8:00 a na. except Saturday evenlnst, when lt Is distrlbuted before the office close. The mail to Whitmore Lake, Webster and Brlghton leaves Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at a. m., and is recelved from these niacJs Mondays, Wednesdays and Way. at four o'olock p. m. CHAS. Q. CLARK, F. M. Travelera' Gulde. Tralus arrive and depart from the Michigan tlentral Depot in thls city as follows: TRAIN8 KAST. Atlantic Express 2-05 a. m. Nlght Express ,- "--111jacksou Accommodation 8.tó a. m. GraudRaplds Expres 10.36 a. m. Dayüxpress H? ' Mail 5.0p.m. TKAIN8 W8T. Mall 8.40a.m. Day Express'. 11.00 a.m. Uraud llapids Express 5.20 p. m. Jackson tfxpress 7 -36 p. m. Eveuiug Express 9.38 p. m. Pacific Express. 11. p. m. All train are run by Chicago time. whfch Is fliteen minuten slower than Anu Arbor time. Prienda of The Conrier, wko have liusliK'ti at the Probate Court, wlll pleaxr reinHt Jadxe lliirrluian to hi-ik! thelr Prlntlng to thlB offlce.