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Don't Bclieve in Adircrtlsing. The man who says he doesn't believe in advertisiog is doing just what he depreoiates. He hangs his coat outside of his door, or puts dry goods in his window- that's advertising. He scnds out travolers tbrough the country, or puta his name on his wagon- tliüt's advertising. He labels his articles or his manufactures - tliat's advertising. . If' he has lost his cow, he puts a written notice in the postoffice, or tells his asterin-law- and that's advertíame, too. He has his name put up in gilt letters over the door- what is that but advertisinfw He paints his shop green or red ; or if a tailor, he wears the lateststyle ; if a doctor, he has a boy to cali him out of church in haste ; if'an auctioncer, he bellows to attract the attentionof passers-by; if a heavy mercliant, he keeps a huge pile of boxes on the sidewalk in front of his store- and all for advertising. liiin] j Cantlon. Genuine Hop Bitters are put up in square paneled, amber-covered bottles, with white label on one side printed in black olher side yellow paper with red letters ; revenue stamp over the cork. This is the only form in which Hop Bitters are put up, and the solo right to make, sell and use thom is granted to the Hop Bitters M'f'g Co., of Kochester, N. Y., and Toronto, Ont., by patents, copyright and trade mark. All others put up in any other way or by any one else, claiming to bo like it or pretending to contain liops, by whatever names they may be called, are bogus and unüt for ubo, and only put up to sell and cheat the nenple on the credit and popularity of the Hop Bitters. A Wonderful Discovcry. For the speody cure oí consumption iind all diseases that lead to it, such asstubborn coughs, neglectcd colds, broncliitis, hay fever, asthma, pain in the side and chest, dry hacking cough, tickling in the throat, hoarseness, sore throat and all chronic or lingering disoases of the throat and lungs, Dr. King's New Discovery has no equal, and has established for itself a world-wide reputation. Many leading physicians recommend and use it in their praetice. The formula from which it is prepared is highly recorumended by all medical journaTs. The clergy and the press have complimented it in the most glowing terms. Go to your druggist and get a trial bottle for ten cents, or a regular size for $1. For sale by L. S. Lerch, Ann Arbor. 978-986 "Cincho-Qninine," I'repared by Bilunos, Ulapp & Co., Obemista, Boston, Mass., is superior to, and a perfect substitute for Sulphate Quinine, becausc it is a conoentration of' all the alkali ids of Peruvian Bark. The dose is the same ; it produces no di.sagreeable effict ; it is cheap, and always standard in quality ; and many physicians therefore prefer it. Sold by Drugnists, or mailod on receipt of price, $1.50 per ounce. "lul A i Is Von.' Is it disordered liver giving you a yellow skin or costive bowels, which have resulted in distro.ssing Files or do your kidneys refuse to perforin thoir functions? If so your systein wül soon be clogtred with poisons. Tak e a few doses of Kidney-YVort and you'll feel liko a new man - nature will throw off every impediment and each organ will be ready for duty. Cases in which the heart is weak and irregular in action. are restored to health and regularity by fcellows' Syrup of Hypophosphites. As persons whose heart's action is feeble, are most susceptible to the influcnce of cold, it is in the advent of the cold season its use is especially advised. Re-Worklng Bntter. Hundreds of tojis of white butter are bought every y car, worked over by dealers, colored up and sold for doublé the price paid the farmers. This fact should conviucc farmers that they should put their own butter ioto the best shape for market and so realize all they can from it. It must have the bright golden color of June, which nothing but Wells, Richardsoti & Co's I'erfected liutter Color can give. Use thia oolor, pack your butter in the best manncr ; and you will get the top price.