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Only 50 Cents A Bottle

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Tlic City Railway Coiiipany oT 'liieiiïo wurk I,7O Ilrc. KcikI whai Saperlntendent Squires haa io say : We use exclusively Whittier's Liniment. It will pay all owners of liorses to cali or wr'teM. W. SQUIR.ES, Sup't. C. C. li. Co. The Expres 4 oiiipany u orks 370 llrts. Kead whal iuperlntcmlcnt Knight ha to tay : 1 have boen using Liniment on the horses of the American and United States hxpress Company gtabioe tbr 24 years. I oever mot any that had one-tenth the mcrit ol V hiUier s Liniment. Our Stabiel are Open. ('all and see for yourselves II. KXrCHT, Sup't. U. B. Kt. Co. whal W!W. YOl V CO. have to mij : 124 Michigan Avenue.- Whittier's Liniment should be in every bare. It has real Hoar wlial C. T. I1OTCII lilss tv CO. have to iay : Whittier's Linimeut will more horsea in one day than all othera in a nirmtli. C. T. HOTCUKISS & CO., Street Qleaninfe Catite 8cratchs, Oreased Beei, Timisii, Gálled gpott from any ransc, heal tip in Irom Iwo to Ihrce applicuiioim, and .u m woik Hu ÜK SbSSgSl i1 güKdSS sailie liIIU fl wilJ There is no Remedy on Earth that Equals Whittier's Liniment for Rheumatism. ír!.í .Vi'.' VV?"1"11' Plmu' or loltlu ! race or Bod)', QW DR. S. WHITTIER, NO. 2O4 EAST WASHINGTON STREET, CHICACO, ILL