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A Faithful Dog

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The following instanoe of the fiedelity and sagacity of a dog was related by Dr. Pariset, who was President of the Paris Academy of Medicine some twenty years ago: "A young man of Perpignan was arrestcd on a chiirge of conspiracy, and taken to Paris. He had a dog, which, seeing his master carried off in this, manner, knew that he was unhappy, and his looks showed sadness and grief. The dog followed the carriage in which his master was conveyed, hut took care not to ehow himselfto him. When they arrived in Paris their carriage was driven to the prison of the Conciergerie. There the three travelers alighted, and the dog, not being able any longer to conceal hiuiself, assuming an attitude of subniission, of condolenceand of fear, carne crouching to his master, who, surprised and affected, replied to his caresses by his own, and obtained leave from the governor Of the prison for the poor animal to ramÚD with hiui. Three months passed bef'ure the trial came on, and, on the day it took place, the young man was followed to the hall of justice by his dog, which lay down under a bench, where it remained during the trial. The young man was unanimously acquitted, and was most wariuly congratulated by numerous friends who were present. Before leaving the court he inquired for his dog, but he was nowhere to be tound. From the joy which followed the acquittal, the dog conoluded that his master was out ofdangerand had nothing more to fear, and he im'iuediately set out for Perpignan, traveliog night and day. Al'ter a journey of more than a hundred hours he reached the city and arrived at the master's house, where he barked loudly and scraped violently at the door, and when it was opened by the surprised family, the dog rushed in, his eyos parkling wiih deüght, ruimiiiL' from side to side, lcaping and uttering orics of joy ; the nioveiuents of his wholo frame scomed to say : " Rejoicing bc in the Hiidst of you ! " In reality two days afterward a letter arrived, acquainting the family with the happy result of the trial, and announcing the speedy return of him for whom they so long suffered thegreatestanxiety. From Paris to Perpignao the distance is 000 English miles.