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Woman As A Census Taker

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In tuany parts of tho country women will be appointed as census enumeratoro, with the probable result somethiog liku this; Xcatly-dressed wouian of' an uncerUin age with big book under her arm and pen in hand rings the iloorbell. Young lady appears at the door. Census enunierator- (lood morning. A lovely uiorniug. I aiu tuking the census. You wero bom ? Young lady - Yes'm. Your name, picase? What a pretty dust cap you have on. Can I get the pattern ? It s just like the one the lady in the next house has. Let's sec, your name ? I haven't the pattern. Dqn't you get awful tired walking round taking the census ? Oh, yes, it's wearisome, but I piek up ;i great deal of information. How nice your dinner smells cooking I Plum-pudding ? In Mainel No, I haven't plum pudding to-day. I'm looking for a new recipe I've got one tbat I took down from a lady's cook-book across the way. Are you married ? No. Want an invitation to the wedding, don'tyou? It will be a long time before you get it. You can keep your plum-pudding recipe, thank you. 1 sh'd think 'twould be soruc time. Have you chil- Oh, of course, I forgot Thi.s hall carpet is just the cattern nf Annt Prudy's,. &&- 'J.a .. uwW ttian Iwenty JV,is. llow many are tney in the family? If this hall-carpet don't suit you, you can get off of it and go about your censusing. Well, you're an impudent jade, anyhow. You haven't told uie when you were born, or what's your name, or when you expoct to get married, and there's ten dollars' fine for not answering census-takere' questions, and if I was you I wouldn't be secn at the door in such a slouchy morning dress, so there. Oh, yon hateful thinc. You can just go away. I'U pay ten dollars just to get rid of you, and smile doing it. It's none ofyour business, nor the census's either. Xo, it Hn' t. You can keep your pattern, and your plum-pudding, and your saucy, impudent questions to yourself- I - 1 Good ïnorniog. I must be getting on. I havn'tdone butthree families all the forenoon, and anenergetic bang of the door just missed catching a f'oot of her trailing


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