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Wenominee is to have a $15,000 hooi house. Sand Beach has a newspaper, the Huron News. Bellevue has been troubled with burilare. They ship over 500 doren pigeons per day from Traverce City. Hon. Samuel Huddon.of' Coldwater, diud of' palaey last Thursday. Cottages torent at $8 or $10 per month, are wauted at Bay City. Hart, Oceana county, is shipping tiuiber for the English ship-yards. Balance on hand in the state tnwury April 30th, 1880: $1, 395,271. Oy. The Ionia M. E. Cüurob ia rejoicing over the payment of its dabt of $12.540. Threo jail Lirds broke out of jail at l'urt Auítin last week, but they were soou rccaptured. Cawood's machine shop, at Marshall, burned last Thursduy night ; lots $3,000, insurance $2,000. The oounty clerk of Ogemaw county, bas been charged with abaeucc from duty, and is to be investigated. The Hilldale colloge faculty havcbought the Ilillsdale Ilerald, and will malee it exclusivcly a college paper. The new lirjuor law is said to be reducing the nuinber oi' saloons where liquor is sold, in some places oue-half. Senator Baldwin has a bilí for a bridge over the river at Detroit before the Senate committee on commerce. Stanton salobn keepers threaten to go into the drug business it' the drnggists do not go out ut' the whisky business. . Dr. C. Rominger, state geologiwt, has made arrangements for the sute survey to spend the suniiuer in the Menoruinee iron región. Oleomargarine McGowan is what he will be oalled bereafter. He is one of the Michigan congressional delegation. - Evening News. A Gurman uamed Kluhn, a hostler at Mt. Clemens, tuistook Uorse medicine for whisky; i t pro ved a eyklon for hitn, and took Iiiin up. Geo. W. Burt, convicted of uiurder in the Ingham county oourt, and now in state prison, has been granted a ncw trial by Judge Turner. The latest reporta placed the cases of measles at the State school at Coldwater, at about 135. Nodeathsor serious eonsequences se far. Frank Luce, of Linden, Oenesee Co., accidentally shot and killed hiniself wbile hunting ducks Sunday last. Moral: Don't hunt on Sunday. Battle Creek carpenters are overrun with work - making back doors for the saloons now ordered to suspend business at 9 p. m. - Eveuing News. It looks considerably as though Buchanan and Berrien Springs were going to have a railroad, if they can only agree on one of the three lines surveyed. The snpreme council of the royal arcanuni insurance lodge, were in session in Detroit last week, comuiencing on Tuesday. 12 states were represented. The new superintendent of the Detroit & Hillsdale road says that work is to oommence immediately on the extensión from Kankers to Lagrange, Ind. Pinckney, in Livingston county, is haukerin' arter a print shop. Well, she ought to have it. This newspaper business is wonderfully undeveloped. A Sunday school mass meeting was held at the Detroit opera house last Sabbath, over 1,000 children beinK gathered together. It was a sight worth seeing. An Episcopal missionary society known as the " Woman's auxiliary," was formed in Detroit reccatly, and $175 subscribed as qa o ii,i,i!i.,m fnr an Otlllnwment fund. Another new paper at Last Saginiiw : it the newspaper and printing business coutd only be overdone in some of these places, what glorious times the people would have. The state convention of Oerman benevolent societies is to be held at Coldwater, on the 8th, 9th and lOth of June. From 80 te 100 delegates are expected to be present. Of the 1,500 inhabitants of Decatur the Republican says only 500 are church going people. Perhaps they all read the Republican and don't need any better preaching. Three men entered the store of Linesay & Colvin, at Jasper, Lenawee Co., blew open the safe, slole $700 and " dug out," and not a soul in the place dared raise an alarm. Three years ago Calhoun county voted to build a new court house, which has just been completed. The pepple of the same county rocently voted $25,000 to build a new jail. The state convention of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union is to be held in Howell, on the 25th, 26th and 27th of this month. Each local unión is entitled to two delegates. 55 of the 77 counties of this state have county poor houses and farms, aud the total number of paupers in the state amounts to 7,806, an inorease of 728 ovur last year, or 10.29 per cent. A boiler filled with tallow at Sohultze & Bros.' factory, Detroit, burst one day last weck, showering the neighborhood with greaso. üood time for some of 'em to t-lide out. Loss, $5,000. Polioeman John Phillips, of Kalamazoo, was stabbed twice by David S. Mason, of Orangeville, Barry Co., whom the officer was endeavoring to arrest. Wounds dangerous if not fatal. Burglars attempted to rob the residence of John Estes of Jonesville, recently, and fired several shots at him, one taktng effeet in his hip and one in bis shoulder. The desperadoes escaped. They are holding mass conventions at Berrien Springs to take steps toward having bettor wagons roads. ütber portions of' the &tate miglit wake up on the same subject with good effect. Henry Willie, a tramp, beat John Billings, of Battle Creek, till he thought him dead, took his money, watch and boots, aud then left. But Billings reuovered and tbc tramp now disgraees a jail. The Jaekson common council had a triangular fight for the election of city officers. The republicans have seven, democrats fivc and greenbackers tour metnbers, and each party adhered to its favorito. Stanton claims that in about six weeks' time Montcalm county will have one of the flnest court houses in the Stat of Michigan, complotcd. The other oue, as all are NippOM0 to know, is in Washtenaw county. Hon. E. L. Clark, of Adrián, who so generously donated $10,000 to the Bullor railroad project, and $5,000 to the state reform school for girls recently, died suddenly at 1:30 o'clock, on the 29th uit, aged 69 years. The Evening News has been canvassing Michigan democrats as to their preeidential prefereuoes. Out of 1,600 democrats heard from, 503 are for Sammy ; 429 for Davis; 284 for Bayard; 155 for Hancock : 50 for Seymour, and the remainder scattered. A resident of Ontonagon while digging ui' a bemlock stump recently, found a copper knife about three feet under ground, lying on a stone. It breaks easily from corrosión, and is supposed to have been used by tbe aucient mino wurkers. Deputy United States Marshal Wellfhas leviüd on the St. Louis jail and the village park to satisfy a judgment against that villago in favor of the Bnbcock Manufacturiug Company in the United States circuit court for the cantera district of Michigan. The Hillsdale ohampion four will commence active training next Monday. The niembers of the crew have taken regular gymnastic exeroises since last f'all, and thore has not been a montli during the winter when thoy did not d a lilt!e rowing On Baw Beose lakc. ae ¦¦ Gen. Grant writes to Ooi. Phillips, of KnlamatDO, that he will he obiigedtu defer the receptiun tendered hiia by the soldiera audsailors of southwestern Michigan, which was accepted by him fait for tbis month. He intimates that he hoes to vixit this state, but cannot, at -present, ñame tbe dtc. The constitutional amendment providing for ao iiicreiííe of the governor' s salary from $1,000 to $3,000, as has been previously announoed, was defetted by a largo majority at the recent eleotion. The vote in 69 couutios stands, yes, 4S, 186; no, 89,113; lcaviog au adverse majority of 40.92T. ' The politica] complexión of tho boards of supervisors throughout the state is decidedly república. The Lansing licpublican has reports from 49 counties, in which 545 republicana and 357 oppositions were elected, a gain of 109 supervisors over last year and an addition of iiine counties to the re publican column. The last day of April was a bad one for Battle (Jreek. Both the J'otter and the Atnericau houses were burned to the ground, and but for the fire beitig in the day time, and plenty of extinguishing facilities at hand, the business portion of that city would have suffered terribly. As it was the loss amounts to $58,000 with $42,000 insuranoe. The liquor dealers of Detroit and tin r "eminent attorneys" have found out that the ami-liceose clause of the constitution, under which they were going to resist the collection of the li(uor tax, was repealed in 1876 and they are not so couibatively inclined as they were and have about concluded that they will have to pay the tax or shut up shop. The late Wui. A. Howard left an estáte, largely in governmont bonds and first class stocks and secundes, valued at about $175,000. It is reported that bis will gives Mrs. Howard $50,000 of this property, it gives each of his four children $25,000, and divides the remaining $25,000 ainong certain religious and charitable institutioiis which are named. A nest of intcresting Indian relies in the shape of copper tools, petrified wood and leather, were unearthed in a cut the other day on the line of the Detroit, Marquette & Mackinaw llailroad, a few miles below Marquette. The finders have been.'offered $300 for the lot by Mr. Thomas Meads, of the latter place, the great pickerup and dealer in Lake Superior euriosities. Alex. J. Murray, of Detroit; Joseph B. Griswold, of Ui and Ilapids; and S. B. Mann, of Palmyra, Lenawec Co., have been appointed by Gov. Crosswell commissioners to prevent the spread of dangerous diaeases among animáis, and to protect the people of the state from the danger arisiug from the consumption of diseased meats,' called for by a law pasaed in 1879. As the law did not make provisión for paying these men, it is suppoeed they will serve at tbeir owd expense. The new judge of the Oakland and Lapeer circuit, Silas B. Gaskill, has commenced business in a oommendable manner to say the least. At Pontiac last Fi day he sentenceü four men two years each, for larceny, three to Ionia, one to Jackson ; a Sul at Royal Oak, to seven years at Jackson; and a body-snatcher to five years at Jackson, though moneyed and influential friends endcavored to have a fine takc the place of imprisonment. The total vote cast at the recent eleotion in the cides named below is as follows : Orand Rapids „_ 5,630 Kast .Sagluuw 2,629 Jackson „ 2,281 KüIk huizoo „ 2,008 l.iiTisliiK 1,SM Adrián „ 1 7tiO Saglnaw City 1,646 FlTnt „ 1,51 l'ort Huron I,4S8 Ann Arbor _ 1.43S lïattlö Creek „. 1,244 Alpnfi ],1M ColdwKter „ 1,134 Monroe 90 Manlstee - „.... _ VV2 Ionia S6rt Marshall 8Í0 Churlott6 m 7B6 HfUsdttle _ 749