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A Worthy Official

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Hon. J. N. Bently, the present commissioner of pensions, deserves the gratitude of pensioners for the many reforms he has iastituted in bis bureau, especially in making more simple and less expensive the pplication for pensions, so that the invalid or dependent can prosecute hia own case if he lias a valid claim, or transaot any ordinary business. Tho commissioner will furnish blanks on application, with all neoessary information. As the saving to the pensioners thus made- amountiDg in the aggregate to many thousand dollars - ia so much in needless fees kept from the claim agents, it is not strange that this class - considerable in numbers and influence - do not appreciate the reforms of the oommissioner and combine to oppose him and to represent to applicants and pensioners that the services of a claim agent are necessary to get their cases properly attended to. He has also earned the thanks of the county and the tax-payers as well as the deserving pensioners, by weeding out many fraudulent claims, and has naturally iocurred the enmity of this class of claimauts -a htW friends. With 90 many pontending forces and influences against him, it is encouraging to see fidelity to publio trust as honestly and fearlessly carried out If the democratie congress of southern brigadiers will make a sufficient appropriation, go that the commissioner can employ enough clerks to attend to the business of the bureau and examine the applioations as fast as they come in, and not as now have several thousands ahcad, the unfortunate veterans, disabled in the defenoe of the government, and their families might be much more promptly and justly served.