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Unsightly board fences are being put up on the campus to keep the people off the grass. Over $1,000 have been secured by the athlctic association for the gymnasium fund. Prof. Winchell'a book on the Pre-Adamites is just out and on sale at the book stores. On dit that if the condition of the treasury warrants it a chair of music will be estsblished by the regents. The new Psi Upsilon chapter house wil] be dedicated May 26 and 27, at which tioie the oonvention will be held here. Bicycling and fencing have supplanted foot ball in the affections of the students of tho male pursuasion. Base ball is entirely forgotten. The Alpha Delta Phi holds a oonvention at Rochester, N. Y., the 26th and 27th of this month. Messrs. Willard and Bowman will represent the chapter from Michigan University. An enterprising Detroit tailor paid Ann Arbor a visit last Saturday. The resulta have been quite noticeable this week on the campus as the boys came out in their new spring suits. Joseph Cook's lccture was well attended last week. It was very interesting but it was nearly two and one-half hours long, too long to keep an audience sitting on uncomfortable seats. The Christian association made over $30 by it. By amisunderstandingainong the Chroniclo editors last week two Chronicles were mailed to eacli subscribcr, but it was noticcd at the postoffice in time to prevent some from bcing taken. ITowever on account of this the mailing editor found himself short of copies before he had completed his list. The sophomore supper and hop which occurred last Friday evening, was a complete success. About thirty couple were present and assisted at the entertainment, which consisted first of the reading of the class history and poem.followed-by supper, then came the toasts, and after tho responses the tables were cleared away and the floor was soon covered with the dancers. V One of the fellows who took tickets at the concert the other night was made happy by being presented with a ticket for a reserved seat forBarrott, but alas, the man who made the prcsentation came around the nert day and wantod the ticket back. He claimed that it had been given in mistake for the concert ticket. We understand that it was returned under protest. Saturday morning the students' lecture association met for its annual election. The , ticket which was previously decided upon was carried through with opposition only to the offices of vicc-president and ponding secretary. It was as follows: , President, C. W. Sessions ; vice-president, F. A. Robison ; recording secretary, J. II. Grant ; assistant treasurer, W. EL Fenwick ; corresponding secretary, 11. H. ick; treasurer, Charles Hutchinson ; I mitteemen, MeNamara, West, Peers. The first public rehersal of the choral ] union Tuesday evening was largely attended and was a complete success. By those j who have attended their concerts it is thought this has exoelled them in many , particulars. After the completion of part l first President Angelí ascended the platform, and after relicving the anxiety of t those who feared that he was going to sing, he briefly explained the objects and puiposes of the societies, and paid a tribute I to the energy Profs. Freize and Cady J have shown in the management of the concerts. ¦ t