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Business Locáis. l ni) iiiiiuN and Patrón : I taavc now in stock a Grcat Varlcty of noiu' and Boy' Hat and Cap, and I know it will be to jour interest to inake yoiir purchases or me. I am deterinined to move a good many ;"! Hií Spring and Summer and have made pricc that wlll iiiMiic It. As I Mated ín ni) advcrtlsemcnt last Winter, Hiere vas no excuse for hlgli priecs Unit was no uní ii talkcd of by soinc, and alrcady there Is iKinning to be a decline in priecs. Since my return home, I liavc Noinc heavy purcliascs at from TE. to TWEXTÏ per cent, less thati thcy wcrc hought for earllcr, henee my abNcnce was a. beneflt to inc tlnanciully a well un physically. I cmulidly believe I am Melling uits from 50 cents to 2 o cach less than any other House in Hit Mate or Michigan, üikI Hats 1 1 ii in 25 cents to gl.OO less caeli. I have opened a Branch In Iexter, for a short time, as un QUtlot lm the heavy iur lüiiv ¦ have been making iMTiui). Don't iliitiU of buylng a cent's worth until you have seen my stoek. JOE T. JACOBS, The C'lolhler.