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Tall Trees From Little Acorns

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But the acoro must be a good one, hava vigorous germ. Look at these statements about three pnblic men : DuringGen. Grant's recent visit to Philadelphia, a singnlar incident oceurred, which woald be nossible in no other country but ours, sud frou which our boys and girls can draw a significant lesso i. Geo. Grant reeeived a rand public ovation. Over sixty thousand men foruied in line to pay the honor which they thought due to n ex-president, a great, soldier and a man who had received welcome from sovereigDS of the world as the representatie American. Forty years ago, as the son of a poor tanner, the man for whoiii this great ovation was made, was earning "fips" and "levys" by carting wood in a western village. In the state carriage with Gen. Grant, under the escort of the procession, were seted the mayor of J'hiladelphia and Mr. Geo. W. Obilds. Mr. Childs is a man whose shrewdness and honesty in business have made him, probably, the most suoccssful newspaper publlsber in the country, and whose public spirit and gonerosity have made him friends among the best men in England and America. Forty yeare ago Mr. Childs was a friendless boy, peddÜDg peanuts froui a street stand. The mayor of Philadelphia, Samuel Stockley, is man whum all politieal parties respect. Since bis appointment to office he has brought bis whole authority and influence to Dear on the prevention of crime, especially abolishing low variety theatres and indecent and flash publications for the young. Probably thousands of boys and girls owe their rescue from ruin to the honest efforts of tbis man. Mr. Stockley, thirty years ago, was a lad in a little cake shop, making walnut taffy r„. u:_ U-.K1 - j These three gentlemen feel an honest pride in recurring to the poverty and hardship from which they have made their way to wealth, high positions and influencie. Every boy in tho United Statea, with abilïty, industry and good principies, has the same open road to honor and usefulness which tney had.